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Another new partnership with a satisfied customer!

We at MotionGrey are always looking for new businesses to serve, and we are particularly interested in working with entrepreneurs whose core values align with ours. And, we’re happy to have come across Q Vita!

Q Vita

Q Vita is a linen company that specializes in organic and natural linen beddings and covers that are designed in Canada. The company’s vision is to create a “clean planet” by offering affordable products that are sourced and crafted from natural materials using eco-friendly processes. Its product line-up includes beddings, throw blankets, sofa covers and slipcovers, and cushion covers.

natural linen

The company is young and offers a lot of promise, and we are definitely one with the brand in its goal to create a clean world. We are proud to have this chance to work with the organization in its office enhancement activities and to be able to help the team create a healthier workplace—starting with a few standing desks and ergonomic chairs.

“Q Vita aims to help people improve the quality of their life through natural products, and what better way to do that than to start with our own team,” shares Q Vita founder Vivian Li. “We’re happy with the MotionGrey standing desks and adjustable chairs we received, and we look forward to making a positive shift in our work lifestyle with the help of these desks and chairs.”

linen beddings

Like Q Vita, MotionGrey values affordable quality. From our adjustable desks and chairs to our ergonomic accessories, we craft each item from the highest-quality materials using top-of-the-line processes that guarantee sturdy, long-lasting products that meet the top needs of our customers. And, we aim to create minimal carbon footprint in our operations, from production to delivery. We value partnership with organizations like Q Vita, and we hope to work with and serve similar businesses in the future.

Thank you for trusting MotionGrey, Q Vita team!

To check out the linen products offered by Q Vita, head over to their page at

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