Motion MS1 - Mesh Office Chair


Motion MS1 - Mesh Office Chair

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The Motion MS1 Mesh Series Office chair is a great ergonomic solution with features such as height adjustment, backrest tilt, and most importantly, a breathable mesh that feels comfortable to the body through all seasons. 

Recommendation for Corporate clients:

The MS1 Mesh Series office chair is the most budget-friendly in our lineup of mesh chairs. The chair's tightly stitched mesh offers a universally comfortable yet ergonomically friendly back support evenly distributed across the back. For large purchases, this chair meets the majority of staff needs. We recommend purchasing small amounts of our higher-tier mesh chairs for those staff that need headrest support.

Motion MS1 - Mesh Office Chair

Color * White
Color * White

Industry-Leading Office Chairs

The MotionGrey Mesh Series MS1 Office Chair is the number one economical solution for your office space. It offers an ergonomic design featuring tight knit mesh that instantly responds to your body, movement, and posture to provide a natural balance with overall support. The breathable and temperature-neutral engineered mesh is designed to fit and adjust to the human form. Conforming to the body's movements, the Mesh Series MS1 office chair provides an even balance between pressure distribution and natural ergonomic alignment of the spine.

MS1 Mesh Series Office Chair Features:

  • Ergonomic back support
  • 5 cm thick seat base
  • PU coated arm rests
  • PU coated casters for ease of rolling on any surfaces
  • Height adjustment hydraulic piston can comfortably hold up to 120 kg
  • Chair MaterialMesh
  • MechanismLeaning Backrest, tilt tension control
  • CasterSwivel
  • Seat Width20''
  • Seat Length(with top)21''
  • Backrest Width19"
  • Backrest Length23"
  • Seat Cushion2.7"
  • Backrest MaterialReinforced Mesh
  • Seat Fabric MaterialTightly breathable stitched fabric
  • Seat Foam MaterialHigh-Density Injection Memory Foam
  • Hand rest MaterialPVC armrests
  • Mechanism FeatureLeaning Backrest, tilt tension control


How long is the warranty?

1 Year warranty from date of purchase.

What does the warranty cover?

Our Warranty covers all mechanical components. This includes:  

Gas lift cylinder: Part that allows the chair to raise and lower

Tilt-lock mechanism: Part that allows the chair to tilt backward

3D Armrest: Part that allows multi-directional adjustment for the armrest

Lumbar Support Adjustment: Part that allows adjustment of horizontal protrusion of lumbar support

Headrest Adjustment: Part that allows vertical sliding of headrest


As a general policy, if there are any problems shortly after purchase, we cover shipping and the part free of charge. If a period of time has passed and a problem occurs, the customer covers shipping and we provide the part free of charge. For instructions on how to replace each part, you can visit our replacement information form or reach out to our team.


What does the warranty not cover and what can I do if a problem occurs?

The warranty does not cover general wear and tear. Over a period of years of usage, depending on a variety of factors such as how the chair was used, what cleaning chemicals are used on the PU leather/Mesh material, and the amount of sunlight exposure on the chair on a daily basis, it is possible for the chair leather to start wrinkling or potentially cracking over an extended period. If this happens, you can purchase specific parts such as Backrest or Seat base from our company provided we have these parts in stock.


Our general return policy is 14 days. A restocking fee may apply if the unit is opened. Return shipping is covered by the customer. We want to work our best to resolve any questions or concerns you may have if you are not completely satisfied. To understand more of our refund and return policy please go to our Returns/Exchanges page.


We currently do not offer for sale any 'refurbished' items. As a result, we do not generally accept exchanges. Our policy is to ship out parts as needed to directly solve the root issue, save shipping costs, and save our customer's time from disassembling and reassembling their chair.


Designed with the customer in mind, installation
is simple and quick. No extra tools are necessary

  • Setup Time Roughly 30 minutes
  • Tools Required None, all tools included in provided screw box
  • Recommended 1 Person can build. 2 People is Recommended
  • Chair Weight Approximately 20 Kg / 44 Lb

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are questions on the product. For more FAQs, visit LINK

Where does this product ship from? How long does it take to arrive?

This product ships out from Richmond Hill, Ontario. Within the East Coast, shipping usually takes 1-5 Business days. Shipping to the West Coast usually takes 5-9 Business days. With our Express service, the product can also reach the West Coast within 1-3 Business days in most cases. If the product is out of stock, we will also offer it as a Pre-Order with the estimated Ship out date stated in the Product Listing or Title.

How long does assembly take?

Assembly usually takes about 30 minutes. Certain steps such as attaching the backrest onto the seat base is much easier done with two people, as one person can hold onto the backrest securely while the second person attaches the screws.

Is the lumbar rest removable?

Yes, the lumbar rest is removable just by simply unscrewing and taking our the lumbar rest. Detailed Video here:

How to adjust the headrest?

The headrest can be adjusted simply by moving the main connector. If headrest does not stay in place, please make sure to tighten the screws that attaches the headrest to the main connector. You may refer to the following link to identity how to install the headrest properly:

Does the armrest swivel?

Yes, the armrest are 4 directional therefore it can move adjust up or down, left or right, forward or backward and it can rotate inwards or outwards.

How do you disassemble this product?

Detailed Video here:

How do you remove the piston from the star base?

Use may use a hammer to force the piston out from the piston. Detailed Video here:

How do you remove the piston from the mechanism?

There are 3 options for removing the pistons from the mechanism.

1. You may use a wrench to twist out the piston from the mechanism. Detailed video here:

2. You may use a hammer to force the piston out from the mechanism or force the piston from a hard surface to push it out. Detailed video here:

3. Piston removal tool/replacement kit is available for purchase in the follow link:

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