As standing desks continue to garner more appeal among professionals who have grown all too familiar with the inconvenience of prolonged sitting, an increasing body of research on the same topic continues to emerge. These researches scrutinize the benefits of a standing desk, confirm them, and detail how using these desks could boost productivity, prevent health conditions from sedentary habits, and, overall, improve your quality of life. 

Sitting for long hours (6 hours +) is bad for your health. Our body can’t cope with sitting all day and still maintain its optimal function. An average office professional or desk worker spends 4004 hours sitting at work every year. And this has grave implications on their body. It doesn’t matter how much attention these office professionals put into attaining a peak state of health. It would appear that the regular workplace routine would always frustrate their best efforts. For the most part, the workplace routine inhibits movement. And the health benefits that accompany it as most workers remain seated for the more significant part of the workday.

Standing desks have been available for quite some time. However, it recently started to gain traction as more and more people realize their innumerable benefits. In recent years, the sales of standing desks have outpaced those of the traditional sitting desk. This trend will undoubtedly continue. It is because more people realize how much more important it is to stand than sit and the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle.

What Is a Standing Desk?

Standing desks are height-adjustable desks. They can help to reduce most workplace health hazards that come from prolonged sitting. These desks are otherwise referred to as sit-stand desks or height-adjustable desks. Interestingly, they are ergonomically designed to cure most workplace sitting problems. They are undoubtedly the happier and healthier approach to work and have continued to garner attention across various offices.

Now, while the importance of a standing desk for the modern office professional cannot be overemphasized. You should know that a fixed standing desk might just be as ineffective as the traditional sitting desk. It is advisable to get a height-adjustable desk to enjoy all the health benefits of movement. Because users are better able to switch from working in a standing position to a sitting position with great ease.

Benefits of a Standing Desk


Reduction in Blood Sugar and Increase in Energy Level

Your blood sugar increases after meals but shouldn’t exceed a particular range if you are to maintain a balance of your internal environment. When it does, it could be detrimental to your health, especially for individuals with type 2 diabetes or insulin resistance.

The National Institute of Health published a research (from a study conducted on office workers), which revealed that after-meal  you could reduce your blood sugar spike by as much as 43% if you stand for 2 hours as opposed to sitting for the same amount of time. A similar study also revealed that a 30 minutes sit-stand office culture could reduce blood sugar spikes by about 11.1%.

A standing desk comes in handy as it enables you to make those body movements that improve blood circulation, consequently reducing blood sugar level and increasing the supply of oxygen to your brain. This is very effective for people engaged in tasks that require high creativity as your energy and attentiveness is heightened.

Weight Loss and Obesity

People gain weight by consuming more calories than they burn, conversely, weight is lost when they burn more calories than they consume. While sitting, the human body expends a lower number of calories than standing because of the little demand placed on muscles during sitting. Although this shouldn’t be much of an issue, when it goes on for a prolonged period, such individuals run the risk of gaining weight and becoming obese.

While exercise remains the most effective way of burning calories and losing weight quickly, using a standing desk also has its benefits, however subtle. According to research, people who use a standing desk burn 12% more calories than those who use the traditional sitting desk. By working on your standing desk for six hours every day, you get to lose almost six pounds by the end of the year. This makes it a good fit for those people who find it difficult to workout or go to the gym consistently. You can now workout even while at work!

Boost in Mood

Anyone who is doing a regular 9-5 job for the past three months can attest to the fact that the longer they sit, the more psychologically distressed they feel. This is not without good reasons. People who sit less don’t experience any of these distress as working on a standing desk help to reduce the feeling of tension and fatigue, reduce depression, and improve your mood and overall well-being.

Increased Mental Focus

One of the top health risks of our modern information-based world is now Sitting. it is now like the new smoking and for good reasons too. Different researches supported this idea and the data from these researches are quite staggering. Health studies and researches show that we create new brain cells whenever we move. In addition to this, You can use movement to enhance your ability to focus and help with critical thinking.

Reduced Risk of Heart-Related Diseases and Death

Most workers realize just how damaging a sedentary, desk-bound, and physically inactive lifestyle is. Worldwide statistics show that a sedentary lifestyle is the fourth leading cause of death among adults and older citizens. As the mortality rate from heart attacks, diabetes, and strokes keep increasing, more offices are beginning to opt-in for standing desks. This is to improve their workforce’s quality of life.  

The notion that standing was beneficial for a healthy heart dates back to 1953.  A study conducted around this time discovered that bus drivers run twice the risk of heart disease-related deaths. When compared to their conductors colleagues who stood for most of their day. It was from this study that scientists established that prolong body inactivity could increase the likelihood of cardiovascular diseases by as much as 147%. And an hour of energetic exercise regiment will rarely counteract this effect. 

Similarly, Japanese research on workers’ health and safety show that the workers who spend more time sitting at their job were at a higher risk of dying. This is reason enough why you need to sit less.

 Active Movement of Joint & Muscle

A height-adjustable standing desk is almost invaluable. The muscular skeletal benefits you get by transitioning from a sitting position to a standing position are immeasurable. At the very least, it annuls the adverse health effects of a sedentary lifestyle. Remember, the long-term effects of sitting cannot merely be offset by an exercise regimen or a proper diet.

Lowers Reliance on Caffeine

A standing desk reduces your reliance on coffee or other energy drinks as a boost, especially during the afternoon. Alternating standing and sitting are a more effective and natural energy boost.

Improvement in Productivity

One of the recurring questions office professionals and people who work at a traditional sitting desk ask is. If a standing desk would negatively impact their productivity level. They are, for the most part, concerned if their daily tasks like typing (typing errors or characters typed per minute), tasks requiring excellent motor skills, and making/answering phone calls would be negatively impacted.

Although using a standing desk can take some getting used to. But a height-adjustable desk wouldn’t have a substantial impact on your speed of performing daily tasks. Except for fine motor skills tasks that you can’t  accomplished when standing, you can perform other tasks just as well with a standing desk.

Standing boosts your energy and lightens your mood. It is more likely to improve your productivity than reduce it. The productivity of people who use standing desk tend to increase as much as 45%.

 The Human Body was Designed to Move

As humans, we have come a long way. From the agrarian and industrial society to the modern-age information-based civilization. And while we are unquestionable more advanced and better off than our predecessors. We foregone somethings that older cultures enjoyed. One of these things is the ample physical movements that the older civilization supported.  

Statistics and research established that a relationship exists between the radical increase in conceivably harmful health issues and the decline of movement over the past generations. This affirms a noteworthy but straightforward truth. The human body was designed to move, and a restriction in motion would negative effects in long-term.

According to scientific studies, using adjustable height desk and transitioning to standing while working, you tend to focus and be able to live a healthier life. By committing as little as 15 minutes each hour to the sit-stand lifestyle, you can drastically improve your life. What’s more, you no longer need to worry about carving time out of your already busy schedule to work out. Or upgrade your already strenuous exercise regimen. You get the best of both worlds by working on a standing desk. So, what’s not to like!

Research and Statistics

Millions of employees are currently enjoying the benefit of these desks. Following the results of the study by the National Health Service (NHS), more companies are investing in having their entire workplace fitted with these desks. This will help improve their company culture and employee productivity.

An Australian study, which referred to standing desks as activity promoting desks. Also affirmed these desks enhance employee attentiveness, increase their task completion rate, and helps alleviate stress. Employees can now get more done without feeling half as fatigued as they used to.

The Denmark government is pioneering the sit-stand work lifestyle for office workers as it already mandated employers to provide their employees with this option. Similarly, all 12000 workers at the new Apple headquarter are currently using their own standing desk.

With Better Ergonomics comes Greater Productivity

Ordinarily, organizations should design tasks fit individual employee. And not individuals adjust to crudely-designed tasks. This is the basic principle of ergonomics and should be the case irrespective of the industry or the type of task. You can alleviate your pain and body strain by varying your posture and cutting down on the number of hours you spend sitting while you work.

This increase in comfort while at work would undoubtedly bring about more productivity as has been seen in numerous other cases. Some of the benefits include:

You get a better posture

Sitting for very long hours trains the body to slouch, And this could be damaging to your posture. An adjustable-height desk, on the other hand, allows you to stand with your shoulders pulled back (not bent forward), and your back straightened.

The strain on your arm and wrist is significantly reduced.

Keeping your arms at 90-degree is crucial in maintaining a stress/strain free arm and wrist. This is sometimes difficult to achieve with the traditional sitting desk. However, with a height-adjustable desk, you can vary the height of the desk to suit your body position. And meet the 90-degree fit with relative ease.

Little to no neck pain

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) research revealed that office professionals and other desk workers could experience a reduction in upper back and neck pain by more than half if they stand for one hour each day while at work.

You experience less lower back pain

Do you feel like you always need a massage on your lower back after a hard day’s work? You aren’t alone. Back pain remains one of the recurring complaints of almost 80% of all adults and office workers. Having a sit-stand workstation would be the perfect fit for you as it helps to reduce back pain drastically.

Now that you are going to stand at your desk

The work environment has been experiencing a lot of change in recent years. We witnessed the replacement of traditional chairs with inflatable exercise balls, open floor plans, and now the height-adjustable desk. A sit-stand lifestyle will help you stay active throughout the day. And a standing desk is a must-have for every official professional and other individuals who would live to work better and live healthier lives.

Health practitioners advise that people who have sitting all day at work do not suddenly transition to standing all day. You need to gently ease into this new sit-stand work routine to reduce the risk of developing pains in your legs, foot, or back. The sitting and standing routine can vary in 30 – 60 minutes cycles a day and can gradually increase as you see fit. No specific time interval works for the same for everyone. And you would need to experiment with different routines to find the one that suits you best.

Although the research on standing desks is relatively new. But you can’t overemphasize the numerous health benefits of these desks. It is time for you to make a choice. At the very least, using a standing desk would counter all the adverse health effects of sitting for long hours, improve your physical, mental, and metabolic health. The sit-stand workers’ lifestyle is the future, invest in a standing desk today, and live well into the future.

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