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Work From Home Bundle

$749.99 CAD

$1624.95 CAD

Save: $875.00 CAD


  • Motion Series Standing Desk
  • M Series Mesh High Back Chair
  • ErgoFeel Foot Massage Mat
  • Motion SmoothGlide Casters
  • Motion Wireless Charger

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Game Changer Bundle

$599.99 CAD

$1209.97 CAD

Save: $610.00 CAD


  • Motion Series Standing Desk
  • ErgoFeel Foot Massage Mat
  • Motion Wireless Charger

Smooth Glide Bundle

$214.99 CAD

$414.98 CAD

Save: $200.00 CAD


  • M Series Mesh High Back Chair
  • Motion SmoothGlide Casters

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"Easily the best design and structure for under $2000. Service: 5/5 Product: 5/5 Shipping: 5/5 Ease of build: 5/5 Construction: 6/5 :) 

I am very brand loyal after just one product."

— Jason S.


"Assembling the chair was easy, the instructions at first were a bit tricky but once you start to see how its organized its very helpful.

This chair is built for good posture and that’s what it does best. The arm rests rotate in ~10 degrees and out 20. The hydraulics are very smooth.

It offers amazing support for the back. The lumbar support is located by my lower back and can be moved forward and back."



"Overall I'm happy with this desk. It's quite sturdy and even with a >100 lbs load (my tabletop, monitors and computer are all quite heavy) it's not really wobbly at all, even when moving up and down.

Changing heights is quick and smooth.

I like that the controller pad has a USB port for charging! I thought that was a really clever idea."

Jeff E.


MotionGrey is a Vancouver based company. 

With sitting for prolonged periods becoming such a common practice, numerous studies have shown that health complications are directly connected to this bad habit.

So we set out on the mission of providing an ergonomic solution to our everyday workspace. 

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