Motion Ergonomic AirWise Stool


Motion Ergonomic AirWise Stool

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The  Motion Ergonomic  AirWise Stool has a weighted convex base with a treaded rubber bottom that enables you to move freely without worrying about tipping over.  It's designed to keep you moving, working better, and living healthier.

Motion Ergonomic AirWise Stool


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  • High and low. Get up to 10” of height adjustment through easy-access buttons.
  • Flexible stability. Enjoy a whole range of movement while getting full support. The chair comes with a weighted base that allows it to remain in an upright position at rest.
  • 360 degrees of reach. You can pivot a full circle, thanks to the stool’s convex base.
  • Support and comfort in one. The seat’s circular cushion and waterfall edges are designed to care for your thighs and legs.
  • Solid engineering from top to bottom. You get molded polypropylene for its black shell body paired with a high-quality gas spring coated with silver epoxy powder finish for optimum durability.
  • Firm grip. The chair base is built with treaded semi-soft elastomer that keeps you stable even as you tilt in your chair. It will hold firmly in most conditions, except in wet floor.
  • Tailor-fit design. The chair is built for people who are 5’1” in height or taller.

The Motion Ergonomic AirWise Stool

Get 360 degrees of flexibility and a complete range of motion with the AirWise Stool. It’s a smart stool, packed with functional features from top to bottom.

The fabric seat keeps the stool breathable while the waterfall edge design ensures less pressure and maximum comfort. The chair is also adjustable, so it’s a perfect pair for a standing desk—sitting or standing, you get 100% support. It allows side to side or front to back movement, or vice versa, without tipping over, all thanks to its weighted support and the treaded rubber at the base. If you want to remain active even while seated, this AirWise stool is the answer!

  • Chair MaterialMesh
  • MechanismLeaning Backrest, tilt tension control
  • CasterSwivel
  • Seat Width20''
  • Seat Length(with top)21''
  • Backrest Width19"
  • Backrest Length23"
  • Seat Cushion2.7"
  • Backrest MaterialReinforced Mesh
  • Seat Fabric MaterialTightly breathable stitched fabric
  • Seat Foam MaterialHigh-Density Injection Memory Foam
  • Hand rest MaterialPVC armrests
  • Mechanism FeatureLeaning Backrest, tilt tension control


How long is the warranty?

1 Year warranty from date of purchase.

What does the warranty cover?

Our Warranty covers all mechanical components. This includes:  

Gas lift cylinder: Part that allows the chair to raise and lower

Tilt-lock mechanism: Part that allows the chair to tilt backward

Recliner function: Part that allows the backrest to rotate

4D Armrest: Part that allows multi-directional adjustment for the armrest

As a general policy, if there are any problems shortly after purchase, we cover shipping and the part free of charge. If a period of time has passed and a problem occurs, the customer covers shipping and we provide the part free of charge. For instructions on how to replace each part, you can visit our replacement information form or reach out to our team.

What does the warranty not cover and what can I do if a problem occurs?

The warranty does not cover general wear and tear. Over a period of years of usage, depending on a variety of factors such as how the chair was used, what cleaning chemicals are used on the PU leather/Mesh material, and the amount of sunlight exposure on the chair on a daily basis, it is possible for the chair leather to start wrinkling or potentially cracking over an extended period. If this happens, you can purchase specific parts such as Backrest or Seat base from our company provided we have these parts in stock.


Our general return policy is 14 days. A restocking fee may apply if the unit is opened. Return shipping is covered by the customer. We want to work our best to resolve any questions or concerns you may have if you are not completely satisfied. To understand more of our refund and return policy please go to our Returns/Exchanges page.


We currently do not offer for sale any 'refurbished' items. As a result, we do not generally accept exchanges. Our policy is to ship out parts as needed to directly solve the root issue, save shipping costs, and save our customer's time from disassembling and reassembling their chair.


Designed with the customer in mind, installation
is simple and quick. No extra tools are necessary

  • Setup Time Roughly 30 minutes
  • Tools Required None, all tools included in provided screw box
  • Recommended 1 Person can build. 2 People is Recommended
  • Chair Weight Approximately 20 Kg / 44 Lb

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are questions on the product. For more FAQs, visit LINK

How does the AirWise stool compare to other MotionGrey chairs?

The AirWise stool provides a wider range of motion. Its design encourages movement, and it keeps the user active even as he is seated. Stand as you sit or sit as you stand for a healthy workday—it’s all easy with this stool. And with two color options available, it will easily complement your workspace.

What makes the AirWise stool a “sit-to-stand” chair?

The stool is adjustable in height, and it makes transition from sitting to standing (and back) easy. It’s the ideal pair for your adjustable desk.

Is it ideal to use in both standing and sitting heights?

Yes. It has a range of 10” for height adjustment. It comes at a sitting height of 25”, just the right height for most users. To use it for standing, adjust the height up to 35” and lean it forward to perch and sit back—you stand, but with added support from the stool.

Is the AirWise stool advisable for short people?

Yes, although people who are relatively short may not be able to directly sit on it but simply perch on the stool. For users under 5’1” in height, it is best to pair the stool with a footrest.

Is this stool similar to a balance ball?

In a way, yes, in that it continues to keep the body engaged and active as you sit on it. Except, you get the added benefit of stability—the stool is guaranteed to stay steady in place when not in use. Note, however, that it is not advised to use the stool similar to a balance ball.

Will using the stool provide some exercise for my core muscles?

Perching on the chair or swaying as you stand can provide continuous engagement to your core muscles. However, the stool is not designed for use as an exercise equipment. We advise that you use the stool properly by keeping your feet steady on the floor as you perch or sit on it.

Does the AirWise stool work the same as other office chairs?

Yes, it is primarily designed to pair with your adjustable desk. However, it does not offer the same benefits that a typical ergonomic chair does—it does not offer back support and does not adjust as quickly as other chairs. We advise that you retain the ergonomic office chair in your workspace and use this alternatively as needed.

How portable is the stool?

It’s portable enough with its weight of 23 pounds, but we advise to always practice caution when carrying and handling it.

Can the stool be used by kids?

It is not advisable for kids to use the stool because its lowest height is only 25”, not low enough to support kids under 5 feet.

Can tall people over 6 feet perch on the stool?

Yes, the 35” maximum height of the stool is perfect for tall users.

What other colors are available for the AirWise stool?

The stool is currently available in only two colors, black and blue, with plans to expand the color line-up to offer more choices in the future.

How comfortable is this stool?

The Airwise stool comes with relatively more padding compared to its counterparts in the market. It’s one of the most, if not the most, comfortable stools that you will find.

What level of support does this chair offer?

When it comes to comfort, this stool is topnotch. It’s also ideal for a more mobile workstyle. However, it’s not designed to be used as a full-time chair because it lacks the support needed for the back, arms, neck, and head. It can be used as an alternative but must not totally replace your ergonomic office chair.

What are the chances of the stool tipping over when I sit on it?

The stool comes with a weighted base that keeps it upright, both when in use and when not in use. As long as you “properly” sit on it, you can be sure it will provide your needed support without tipping over.

What are the chances of the stool coming out from under me when I sit on it?

This stool is designed to be a bit more mobile, so make sure that you do not sit down too quickly and that you steady it first, making sure it’s positioned under you, before you sit down on it.

Can I place the stool on a carpeted floor?

The stool has a treaded rubber bottom that is designed to grip hard surfaces to prevent slipping. It may not work as efficiently on a carpet.

What’s the recommended length of sitting time for the stool?

The stool is designed to continuously engage the core and thighs while you are seated, but you must listen to your body. When you start to feel tired from the constant movement, move to your office chair and alternate. Don’t forget to stand up for a few minutes every hour (we recommend about 15 mins at least) to break prolonged sitting.

Is the material of this stool breathable?

Yes, the fabric used in building the seat is chosen for its breathability and won’t trap heat—you’re guaranteed to remain cool in this stool.

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