4 Ergonomic Office Equipment That Boost Work Performance

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When you need to shine at work, you can't afford not to work smart. And the game changer could be in the form of ergonomic office equipment (yes! – that standing desk could seriously work miracles). Below we highlight four amazing office tools that absolutely boost work performance and ensure that you are working smart.

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The (1) standing desk, (2) standing desk converter, (3) standing mat, and (4) monitor arms are four of the best ergonomic office equipment that can level up the way you work. Designed specifically to optimize employee well-being and efficiency, these tools allow for smarter work processes that lead to excellent outcomes in the workplace.

The Top 4 Ergonomic Office Equipment

How do these tools follow the law of ergonomics? Learn more about their features as we explore their benefits and the way they upgrade our working habits.

Standing Desk       

The standing desk, also known as a stand-up desk, is a highly functional tool for anyone who spends considerable time working on a desk (ex. office employees). As the very name suggests, standing desks allow the user to maintain a standing position while engaging on a variety of tasks. The practice is especially lauded considering that the alternative is to sit behind your desk all day which could lead to a multitude of health issues. 

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Generally, there are 3 types of standing desks available in the market: (1) Fixed (2) Mechanical, and (3) Electric. The fixed (or static) standing desk is the simplest of these three which is built with a standard height. It cannot be adjusted and, as such, can only accommodate a precise height. Mechanical standing desks are adjustable however they are not as easy to adjust as the electric types. Some even dub them as the "set it and forget it" standing desks due to a certain amount of hassle involved in setting them up.

Most consumers find the electric standing desk as the most convenient. Unlike the mechanical type, the height of an electric standing desk can readily be adjusted with a simple push of a button. This makes it the perfect ergonomic office equipment that will allow you to alternate between sitting and standing by using only the one and same desk. Some electric standing desks even come with programmable electronic keypads that can take note of your preferred height settings for specific tasks.

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Without a doubt the recommended equipment to liven up your sedentary job. When you stand, the body engages more muscles to maintain an upright position. You also become more prone – and ready – to make extra movements which will improve blood circulation and bone health (i.e. a perfect sitting posture will still be hazardous to the spine if held for extended periods, therefore you need to move regularly). The improved blood circulation will work wonders for the brain which will boost work performance and enhance overall mental health.


Quality standing desks do not come cheap. Also, if you opt for the fixed or mechanical type, you will need another desk (and extra space too) that you can use for sitting. This is because you should always alternate between sitting and standing. There are also tasks which can best be accomplished while sitting and so you should always have a desk ready for when you sit.

Standing Desk Converter

The standing desk converter is the go-to option when you do not want a full standing desk installed. It is notable for its portability which can transform any table into a standing desk – hence the name standing desk converter. With this ergonomic office equipment, you simply position it on top of your table (as if placing a smaller desk on top of your existing desk) so you can elevate your workspace, thereby allowing you to perform tasks while in a standing position.

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Just like standing desks, these converters also come in similar varieties such as those with a fixed standard height, non-electric but mechanically adjustable, and sophisticated electric types. The materials used to manufacture them may range from beveled wood, to aluminum, to steel bars for the frames. More interestingly, their adjustment mechanisms (for the adjustable types) could be in the form of hydraulic pistons, lever locks, or gas springs. They can also be accessorized and turn into real state-of-the-art devices that help you ace tasks.

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Portable and way more affordable than standing desks – with practically the same benefits to employee overall health and working efficiency. Since it is a converter, it can work with almost any existing desk that you already have. This means no additional workspace necessary and you can freely alternate between sitting and standing by simply reverting to your normal desk whenever you need to sit. The concept of reusing existing furniture is also a commendable green solution that is sought by most companies.


Standing desk converters have limited workspace due to their size. Particularly for the basic types, the working area may be just enough for a laptop. If this is the case, either the monitor will be too low for your line of eyesight or the keyboard will be too high for your hands. The minimal working surface will also limit the number of tasks you can do as opposed to if you have the wide surface of a full standing desk. Further, a standing desk converter may not always be able to support extra heavy weight placed on it.

Standing Mat

While it's true that prolonged sitting can best be prevented by occasional standing, the act of standing itself is not free from health risks; thus the invention of standing mat (also known as anti-fatigue mat). The standing mat is a superb ergonomic office tool known for its ability to reduce stresses on the feet, legs, back, including neck and shoulders, caused by standing for extended periods. Usually partnered with a standing desk, the standing mat prevents a variety of disorders ranging from musculoskeletal to cardiovascular.

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Standing mats come in three major types: (1) Flat, (2) Non-flat, and (3) Active. The flat standing mat is the simplest type, basically flat (as the name suggests), and is ideal when not much activity is to be done apart from standing. Non-flat standing mats, on the other hand, come with various ridges and bumps on the surface which provide greater ease for constant leg movement. Active standing mats are the most sophisticated. They are designed for more leg activity and may even come with massage features for muscle and joint relaxation.

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Definitely revolutionizes the way we stand. Its spongy material provides a cushion between the feet and the floor which serves as a shock absorber. It also activates more muscles which leads to the redirection of stresses away from the joints.

Say goodbye to fatigue, pain, discomfort, and a host of health disorders caused by prolonged standing. When these issues are addressed, the body can work wonders and your work performance will certainly reach new heights.


The use of standing mats requires caution. They can present safety hazards especially when improperly installed (i.e. falling or tripping accidents). Also, particularly for anti-slip mats, some users find that their footwear attaches well to the mat so that their feet tend to slide forward inside their shoes (if the insoles are not non-slip). This creates friction, heat, and eventually discomfort.

Monitor Arms

For computer users, the monitor arms are perhaps the most ergonomic office equipment that will allow you to continually reposition your display screens to varying heights, distances, and angles.

Also known as monitor mount or monitor bracket, the tool is designed to hold a computer monitor, laptop, notebook, and other display screens. It is perfect for alternating between sitting and standing, shifting to different working positions (ex. left to right, forward to backward), as well as sharing your monitor with others.

monitor arms

Monitor arms differ according to installation and workstation setup. By installation, monitor arms are classified as (1) Wall-mounted, (2) Clamp, or (3) Grommet. Wall-mounted types are attached onto a wall while clamp types are fastened to the edge of a desk. Grommet types are essentially secured through holes in the desk. In terms of workstation setup, the types are pretty much self-explanatory: (1) Single monitor arm, (2) Multiple monitor arms, (3) Laptop arm, and (4) Mixed-use. They basically indicate how many and what type of monitors they support.


The clear winner if you want to be super flexible with repositioning your display screens. By allowing you to effortlessly move the monitor to suit a particular position, you are preventing eye strain, neck and back problems, and other posture hazards for which you are susceptible if the monitor were fixed on a singular position.

You can also comfortably share your screen with others whatever their height may be. Further, monitor arms conserve workspace since they free up space on the desk which would otherwise be occupied by your display screen.


Not all monitor arms are compatible with all monitors, and vice versa. To use monitor arms, a monitor must have the appropriate mounting holes drilled into the back that will allow the monitor arms to be screwed in. Another disadvantage is the fact that some types require permanent or semi-permanent installations (ex. will need to drill holes on the wall or desk) which may not be ideal for some users.

The standing desk, standing desk converter, standing mat, and monitor arms are undoubtedly four of the best office equipment that promote ergonomics in the workplace. Utilized properly, they will help you observe healthy working habits which will translate to improved overall wellness and superior work performance.

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