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Arrange a complimentary personal meeting to explore our range of adjustable standing desks, ergonomic seating, and home office accessories in action.

Our Vancouver Showroom

Our in-person showroom is open by appointment only. It is located at #155 6660 Graybar Rd Richmond, BC V6W 1H9

  • Monday 9am-5pm PST

  • Tuesday 9am-5pm PST

  • Wednesday 9am-5pm PST

  • Thursday 9am-5pm PST

  • Friday 9am-5pm PST

How to prepare for your appointment

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy in person and leave with my purchase on the day of my appointment?

Yes! Kindly note that we require up to 25 minutes.

Where do you ship? Do you ship internationally?

We only ship to Canada and the United States. We do not currently ship internationally. 

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