5 Reasons to Use a Standing Gaming Desk for Players

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Standing desk discussions have mainly centered on health benefits for professionals and office workers. But while many of those who use standing desks rely on these benefits at work, gamers can also benefit from the sit-stand alternative provided by a standing desk.

Most gamers don’t realize they have posture problems. It’s only when they notice their extremely hunched position at the desk that they start to question how good gaming posture should look like.

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The same gamers might also question the need for a standing desk if they’re not working in front of a computer, as playing games can seem different at first. But, sitting for long hours is harmful even if the activity is recreational, as it is for many gamers. For others, gaming is a career in itself, and a height-adjustable desk is as important as for office workers who spend at least 8 hours per day looking at a screen.

Saying goodbye to a fixed height desk has its perks if you’re a gamer. You no longer need to deal with low back pain, stiff neck, or shoulder pain associated with old-school desks. This article explores more of these benefits which might not be evident if you haven’t played using a standing desk before.

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Common Problems When Playing – Health Concerns to Watch

Sitting for long hours comes with multiple health risks. Obesity risks, back pain, and even mental health issues have been associated with prolonged sitting. Several studies recommend moving around as often as possible to combat these risks, burn calories while working/playing, and avoid issues with back pain.

If you decide to use a standing desk, you can still concentrate on your game while being able to stretch your legs. And with the right monitor height, you don’t need to be hunched over the keyboard either.

Why Should You Use a Standing Gaming Desk?

This being said, should you personally use a standing desk or is it just a trend you can completely overlook? Here are the 5 main benefits you’ll see when transitioning from a sitting setup to a standing desk gaming setup.

Gain a better gaming experience

If you think that playing while standing up is a new concept, you might be in for a surprise. Gaming started with arcade games where you’d have to stand. Today, this gaming position still comes with feelings of excitement and involvement. In many RPG games, you feel you’re one with the main character. You almost want to run with Genji or Hanzo in Overwatch.

Improve your gaming performance

Gaming performance can be measured in several ways. But, most gamers agree the ability to focus and the ability to enjoy a custom gaming setup are key for top-level playing performance. 

Are you feeling tired while playing? You can simply lower the gaming desk and sit on your favorite gaming chair. Are you ready for a bit more hands-on action? You can elevate the standing desk so that you feel a bit more motivated to surpass your gaming performance.

Standing desks also come with multiple small accessories that help you stay organized and focused on your game. From cable organizers to small laptop stands and desk converters, you can have them all so that you’re truly feeling focused on your game.

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Improve your health

Your health should be your first concern when it comes to gaming. It can be easy to get lost in 10-hour days of gaming, but you need to get moving fast. Simply standing burns up to 200 calories per hour, which is helpful when trying to stay in shape.

Other health benefits are those related to posture. You can eliminate back pain by standing up at least a few hours per day instead of sitting all day long. Another reason to stand up more is to have better blood circulation, a health issue many gamers face without giving it the attention it needs.

Customizable gaming setup

An adjustable desk offers plenty of storage space for all of your gaming gear. You can even use 2 large monitors on standing desks. From PCs to gaming laptops, there’s sufficient storage space for all of your gaming hardware.

Some standing desks even come with preset heights. These take the desk to a pre-saved height, which can be helpful when you use a steering wheel for your favorite driving simulator. This can also be useful if you’re sharing your gaming setup with other users of different height.

Apart from this, you can also create your desired gaming look. The various standing desk options available today makes that possible. Want a white gaming setup? That's easy! There are white standing desks to help you create this setup. You can also go for other colors to complement the gaming vibe you are aiming for. 

Naturally limit playing time

Do you know when playtime is over while at a standing desk? It’s when your feet get sore. This is a natural alarm clock or the body’s way of telling you to take a break.

The good news is that you will be more focused even within a game when you know play time is limited. At MotionGrey, we believe too much of anything can be a bad thing. It’s worth limiting the maximum number of hours you spend daily in front of a screen.

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A standing desk can help you burn up to 1,000 calories per week when you play hours at a time. It eliminates or dominates posture-specific conditions such as low back pain. The interesting part is that you don’t need to give anything up to see these benefits yourself. 

A standing desk can also improve your gaming enthusiasm and focus as it makes you feel a bit more involved when compared to playing from a seated position. If you feel you have more questions about which adjustable desk is best for you, feel free to contact us and we’ll find a custom solution for your gaming needs.

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