Are Under Desk Walking Pads Loud for Neighbours?

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Are under desk walking pads loud for neighbours?

This is a question a few people have asked about the walking pads, and a valid one. After all, a walking pad is ideally designed for pairing with a standing desk and used while you are working—typing up an email or an email reply, attending a virtual meeting, or doing some light computer work at the office. All of these activities require concentration, and too much noise can make that difficult. If the walking pad is too loud, it can keep you from focusing on the work you need to do and can disrupt your overall workflow.

Before we answer this question, let’s take a look at the distinction between under desk walking pads and your regular treadmills. Noise level is one of these, but there are several other distinctions that will make you consider investing in a walking pad instead of a bigger, bulkier treadmill.

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  • While a treadmill is bulky, a walking pad is slim. It can easily fit any space without cramping it.
  • Compared to a treadmill, it’s easy to store and put away a walking pad after use. Apart from being slim, which makes it easy to slide it under your couch or underneath the standing desk after use, you will even find under desk walking pads that are foldable and can be stored in a cabinet or even just placed against your wall after use.
  • Compared to a treadmill, it’s easy to move a walking pad around when you are rearranging your space. Some under desk walking pads even have wheels to make this easy.

The points above make a walking pad an easy choice for those with limited space and a busy schedule but still want to get their daily dose of movement and exercise while they go on with their day. Add the low noise level, and you have a winning partner in breaking free from a sedentary lifestyle.

So How Loud are Under Desk Walking Pads?

There is no one fixed number to measure the noise levels of walking pads—they vary according to several factors. Let’s take a look at some of these factors.

The material of the belt

Most under desk walking pads come with several layers of belt that work not only to dampen the noise level the desk creates but also to work as a shock absorber, absorbing and dissipating the impact when you walk and run on the pad. This way, your joints and muscles are kept from overexertion, fatigue, and potential damage and injury in the long run.

The walking pad motor

Most under desk walking pads today are motorized, although there are still a few that are manual—meaning, they are operated by your own feet stepping on the belt and walking. Both types of walking pad produce noise and are loud up to a certain level, but the motorized pads are generally much more loud because the motor produces noise as it operates the pad. In general, more powerful motors generate a higher level of noise.

The quality of the walking pad

High-quality under desk walking pads are not loud. The frame is intact, and everything is snug and tight in place. This means that there won’t be any wobbling, and therefore no noise coming from metal parts clanking and screeching as the walking pad takes on some weight and you start walking or running on it. This not only ensures that you will enjoy a peaceful walk or run on your walking pad but that the pad will last long and not break down on you after only a short time of use, which is often the case with poorly designed and low-quality under desk walking pads.

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Other Factors to Check When Shopping for a New Walking Pad

When making your choice out of the hundreds of under desk walking pads you will find in the market today, remember that it’s not only how loud or how quiet the pad is that should be your basis in making your pick. There are several other factors and features which you may want to consider when shopping and going through the under desk walking pads available out there. Below are some of the basic:

Motor power

The power produced by the motor determines the capability of under desk walking pads to deliver on their promise and support your walking and running activity at work. You want more power capable of running the pad and meeting your workout needs.

Walking pad belt construction

High-quality belts mean belts that can both absorb shock and impact and minimize noise level as you use the pad. This also means a slower rate of wear and tear, making sure that you are able to use the pad for years without the need for a replacement or repair.

Weight capacity

In general, the higher the weight capacity of under desk walking pads, the better, so that they will be able to accommodate more users and be able to handle bigger and bulkier users.

Speed range

How fast your walking pad can run will determine the variety of the workout it will allow you do to. The higher the speed, the more you can do on your pad.

motiongrey walking pad

A Closer Look at the MotionGrey Eco Slim Walking Pad

If you are looking for high-quality under desk walking pads that can perform many of the functions of the regular treadmill but are slim and portable, easy to store and move around, able to handle a sufficient amount of weight, and not so loud and will not disrupt your work, this eco slim walking pad is a perfect choice.

This walking pad is equipped with a 2.5hp motor, one of the more powerful under desk walking pads in the market—with enough power to meet all your walking and running needs but not so loud and will not disrupt your focus while you walk and work. It is also equipped with a shock-resistant belt that also offers sound insulation, ensuring that your walking pad is not too loud when you use it.

The walking pad can handle up to 265lbs of weight, ranging among the higher load capacities for under desk walking pads out there, and it provides users info on their distance ran or walked, number of steps taken, time spent on the walking pad, calories burned, and other information to help users track their progress.

The walking pad also features Bluetooth connection, and it’s easy to operate with the remote control that comes with it. More importantly, it’s so slim (you can guess that from its name!) that you can easily get it out of the way when not in use. If you are looking for a walking pad that is powerful but not loud, functional but not bulky, and very affordable, too—the MotionGrey Eco Slim walking pad is one of the best under desk walking pads you will find in the market. Check our catalog and get this walking pad to create a positive transformation in your work life and your health!

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