Back Pain from Standing at Work with an Ergonomic Standing Desk: Am I Standing too Much?

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The sit-stand lifestyle is now being hailed as the ultimate solution to breaking sedentary lifestyle at work. For individuals who are computer-bound and chair-bound because of their job, there is hope. With the use of an ergonomic standing desk, it’s possible to break sedentary habits.

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In Canada, the standing desk has become a key fixture in various offices. Many have experienced the benefits of alternating between sitting and standing at work. However, there have also been reports of challenges caused by the lifestyle shift. And some people now ask—is it possible to stand too much?

Back Pain When Using an Ergonomic Standing Desk: Questions to Ask Yourself to Address the Problem

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If you’ve started feeling some back pain after using the standing desk for a while, it’s important to look into possible underlying causes. After all, the use of a standing desk is supposed to eliminate and reduce back pain, not cause it. Ask yourself these three questions to understand the possible causes of the pain and what you can do about them:

How long since you started practicing the lifestyle?

Are you new to the sit-stand lifestyle? If you are, then it is possible to experience discomfort when you start sitting less and standing more. It puts added pressure and strain on your muscles, and your muscles will need time to adjust. This means a certain level of discomfort is normal. However, if the pain is too much, there could be other factors causing the problem. Read on.

How much standing do you do?

There is a recommended ratio between sitting and standing (from 15 up to 45 minutes of standing at a time), but it’s not a clean-cut recommendation. The best recommendation we can give you is to listen to your body. Different individuals have different needs and capabilities, and these will determine the right amount of standing for you.

If you are just starting in the lifestyle, don’t force yourself to stand too much. Sit down when you get tired. Try to build your standing time slowly, allowing your body to get used to the extra work over time until standing more becomes natural for you.

How do you stand?

As much as there is a correct ratio between sitting and standing, there is also a correct way to stand. Do not stand with your knees locked, without moving on your spot for hours—this is likely to lead to body pain. Instead, make small movements on your place as you stand. Shift your weight between your feet. You may also do small stretches at regular intervals.

Make sure that you also use proper footwear. And, consider getting an anti-fatigue mat to help absorb the strain from the concrete surface.

With all of these questions considered, you can prepare for a day of alternating between sitting and standing without experiencing too much pain. Find the right standing desk and apply the right standing practices, and you’ll be on your way to healthier days at work.

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