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A home office has become a key part of every home during the past year or so since the pandemic started and majority of employees have been forced to relocate their workspace to their home. As we move to the second year of the pandemic, this might be the best time to think about upgrading your home office, whether that means improving the space you have now or actually creating one in case you have not yet set up a dedicated space for work at your home.

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The task may appear daunting to some people, but here we’ll share simple steps to help you create your workspace or upgrade your existing one.

Check these home office ideas to help you get started


Maximize your space

This is perhaps one of the most common challenges encountered by employees who suddenly found themselves needing to work from home. If you have a small area, or if you share most of your space with family members or housemates, adding a workspace can be a challenge.

This is where creativity plays a very important role. Look for unused spaces in your home, and see how you can utilize those spaces.

Do you have an empty space under the stairs? Or a corner that doesn’t get much use? Maybe add some lighting and you can convert that corner to your space.

If your desk is crowded or small and your computer monitor doesn’t leave much space for anything else, you have an option to lift the monitor from the desk with a set of monitor arms or a stand. This will free up your desk so you have extra space for other accessories.

Lastly, take advantage of vertical space. Instead of spreading out boxes across the floor, stack them together so that you can free some floor space.

Create a solid foundation

The first thing you need is the foundation, the center, of your home office. This could be the desk for your computer and PC accessories, or perhaps a good ergonomic office chair. This is what will tie everything together in your space.

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The good thing is that this does not need to be huge, or costly, just something that works for you—better than setting up on the dining table one day, on the couch the next, or on the bed after that, and so on. A space just for work; this is what you need. And it starts with a good foundation for your workspace.

Control your clutter

Clutter—something we all have to deal with every once in a while. And uncontrolled, it can wreak havoc in your workspace. Clutter often begins in the small things, like mail that don’t have a dedicated place in your space and therefore find themselves everywhere. Or files taken out of the cabinet and not returned, and there they are on the table just piling up.


The secret to dealing with clutter and keeping them under control is to deal with them day to day, one small item at a time. Don’t let something you take out of its place go unreturned to where it belongs. Always have a space for everything. Have the trash can within reach, maybe under your desk, so you have instant space for things you don’t need anymore. If you can, invest in a paper shredder for documents that you need to dispose of but contain sensitive information. Even better, go paperless. And, take time to remove unused and unnecessary stuff from your workspace regularly.

Add some green to your space

Adding plants to your workspace is beneficial in so many ways. Aside from the fact that it improves the quality of air in your space, plants also have a calming and relaxing effect, which is helpful for achieving focus as you work. And with plants all around you, it’s easy to “look at something green” after 20-30 minutes of work to rest your eyes.

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There are several indoor plants you can choose from for your workspace, and the good thing is that there are plants that are so low maintenance you only need to water them every few days. Lastly, plants can beautify your space, making it more cozy and inviting to work in—nothing better than actually enjoying the time you spend in the space where you get work done.

Look into smart design for your space

Technology has given birth to so many great things that can make your life easier. From modern and smart furniture to internet-based technology, all of these can help you maximize your home office experience.

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For furniture, consider an electronic and adjustable standing desk, one that can move from a low height to a higher one. This will help you alternate between sitting and standing, which is helpful in breaking hours of sitting and arresting the possible negative side effects of being sedentary.

Another thing to look into is cable management. Cables are can be one of the messiest things to handle when you’re working with electronics. Make sure to organize your cables to avoid accidents and eyesore.

Lastly, take advantage of cloud storage for your files and of free video conferencing apps to collaborate with the people you work with. With all the free technology these days, you have a lot of cheap to free options.

So, ready to get started? You can take a home office upgrade one step at a time so that it’s not overwhelming. Start with the basics, or start with something simple, and go from there. In no time, you’ll see your home office starting to become how you have always envisioned it to be.

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