Ergonomic Desk Solutions for Comfortable Working

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Does your office or home study need an upgrade to make it more conducive for working? Consider doing an ergonomic upgrade! Giving your space an ergonomic revamp will provide a wide range of benefits. It will create a healthy workspace, promote comfortable working, and help you become more productive in your daily work. There are many ways to go about this, and one of the most effective is with the help of an ergonomic desk.

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Ergonomic Desk: A Modern Solution for Every Workspace

Also called a standing desk and a sit stand desk, an ergonomic desk is at the center of every ergonomically healthy workspace. It is an adjustable height desk controlled manually or by a motor, and the height adjustment features enable it to encourage individuals to move more while working—to alternate between sitting and standing. By doing so, an ergonomic desk provides the following benefits:

  • It corrects an individual’s posture, preventing slouching and hunching over the desk
  • It prevents back pain caused by being locked in one position throughout the day
  • It promotes comfortable working, helping an individual to stay focused on the task at hand
  • It creates a healthy workspace, reducing the risks of chronic diseases like coronary problems and diabetes
  • It helps with weight management—standing burns a lot more calories than sitting

Guide to Setting Up Your Ergonomic Desk

If you’re ready for a workspace revamp and ready for a standing desk, Canada manufacturers will provide you with a wide array of choices. From size and design to a great suite of features, you’ll never run out of options. All you need to do is to find the right sit stand desk that will match your needs and preference, all while helping you create a healthy workspace.

Productive and comfortable working starts with getting the right ergonomic desk and setting it up, and here we have a short guide to help you get the most of it.

Pick the right ergonomic desk

The first step in creating an ergonomic and comfortable working space is to pick the right desk for you. And in doing this, there are a few things you must consider—the height range, weigh capacity, the motor, and the features of the desk.

The height range will determine how well the desk will match you and other users, while the weight capacity will determine how much load the desk can handle. If you are taller or shorter than normal users, and if you use multiple monitors on your ergonomic desk, make sure to find one that can accommodate your needs. In terms of the standing desk motor, a dual motor is generally a good option for a desk. In addition, features such as child lock may be helpful in creating a safe and comfortable working space, depending on your specific needs.

Find a place for your desk

Once you have found the right ergonomic desk, you can now set it up in your space. You must have checked the measurement of the standing desk prior to purchase to ensure it matches your space. Consider the layout and the flow in the room and set up accordingly. To create a comfortable working space, check for natural light source (such as a window) and position your desk in such a way that you get enough natural light but without glare from your computer. Also, check that you place the sit stand desk in a space without any obstruction.

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Set the ergonomic desk to the correct height

This is perhaps one of the most important things you must do right after you set up your standing desk. Most desks have a memory keypad with up to 4 programmable heights. You can set your specific height and then save it so that each time you need to use it, adjusting the desk to the correct height will only take a single press of a button. This is helpful if you are sharing your ergonomic desk with colleagues of different heights, where you have to constantly adjust the desk height every time it’s your turn to use it.

Arrange your workstation properly

A healthy workspace and a good ergonomic desk is one that will encourage you to move more all while ensuring that everything you need as you work is within easy reach (for more, read about comfortable working via ergonomic work zones). Thus, it is important to be mindful of everything you have on your desk.

When arranging your workstation, consider everything you need to do your work every day. Do you use a laptop? Perhaps a computer with multiple monitors? You might need a CPU mount to hold your unit, if you do. Do you like plants on your ergonomic desk? Or, do you handle files in your day-to-day work? All of these must be considered when designing your space and arranging your ergonomic desk. To create a comfortable working space, make sure everything you need is right there. However, make sure, too, that the total weight of all the equipment on your desk does not exceed your desk’s weight capacity in order to prevent damage.

Develop the right sit-stand routine

Once everything is in place—your ergonomic desk set up and arranged—it’s time to practice the habit of alternating between sitting and standing. If you’re new to the practice, make sure you take the time to help your body adjust to the increased level of activity. You will see different sit-stand ratios different people advocate for, but you are the best judge. You can use these ratios as a guide, but remember that you know your body best and only you can tell how your journey must go. Stay within your comfortable working limits. The most important thing is to ensure that you stay consistent in the routine.

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Ergonomic Desk Solutions to Pair Your Standing Desk with

Once you’ve set up the desk and started working on developing a sit-stand routine, you can then further check on other ways to continue transforming your space into a more comfortable working space. With an ergonomic desk, you’re on the right track in designing a healthy workspace—you just need to keep going and find ergonomic solutions to match and complement your desk and space. Check out the following:

Monitor Arms

If you use more than one monitor and you find your ergonomic desk space may not be enough for these monitors, or if you simply want to adjust your monitor height more easily, then a set of monitor arms will be a good addition to your space. They will elevate your monitor to free up desk space and make monitor adjustment easy, helping you stay more comfortable when working.

Anti-Fatigue Mat

An anti-fatigue mat may look like a simple mat, but it helps make the shift from more sitting to more standing so much easier. By absorbing the pressure caused by the concrete floor on your leg muscles and knees, you prevent fatigue, stay comfortable when working, and are able to continue building the sit-stand habit. This is an ideal partner to your ergonomic desk, and it will definitely help create a healthy workspace.

Walking Pad

If you want to elevate your space and create a truly healthy workspace that will work for you best, pair your ergonomic desk with a walking pad! This is a smaller treadmill designed to help you take standing to a higher level—walking! Imagine walking on a treadmill while you are answering a call, or checking an email, or doing a low-level task. Not only are you productive, but you are also healthy!

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Ready to make working comfortable? Ready for an ergonomic desk and accessories? This is the right time to get that much needed revamp to create a healthy workspace! Find the right ergonomic desk and matching add-ons and design a workspace that can bring out the best you!

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