How to Adjust Your Office Chair for the Best Posture

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Want to maximize the use of your ergonomic office chair? Make sure it is properly adjusted in a way that will allow you to sit straight, stay relaxed and comfortable, and protect your muscles and joints from unwanted strain and pressure. The key? It’s the correct office chair adjustment.

Different office chairs come with different features in terms of height, material, and adjustability, among others. The latter is especially crucial for users because it determines the range by which you can customize and adjust your office chair so that it suits your body’s needs. In the long run, this will affect not just your comfort but also your overall health. So let’s take a look at the basics when it comes to adjusting office chairs.

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Adjustability in an Ergonomic Office Chair: Features to Look for and Guide to Proper Adjustment

Below are some of the basic features you must check when it comes to adjusting your office chair:

Chair Height Adjustment

This is perhaps the most basic adjustability feature in office chairs—even the simplest ergonomic office chair features height adjustment. If you’re a taller user, you’d want an office chair you can adjust and position higher from the ground so your legs can remain comfortable. On the other hand, users on the opposite range would prefer office chairs that can be positioned lower so that your feet will touch the floor.

So how do you properly adjust an ergonomic office chair? As a simple guide, make sure that the following are met when you adjust the height of your chair:

  • Your feet must be flat on the floor, with your heels planted firmly to ensure stability.
  • Your knees must be comfortably bent at about 90- to 95-degree angle.
  • The back of your knees must not be touching the edge of the seat, as this can cause discomfort after a while. There must be a fist-sized space between the back of your knee and the edge of the chair seat pan to ensure comfort while you are seated.

Back Height and Tilt

Of all the adjustability features of an ergonomic office chair, the back adjustment usually gets the most attention because it affects the part of the body that carries all the pressure when you sit—your back and your spine.

It’s important to remember that the spine has an s-shaped curve, and this is the shape you need to consider when adjusting the office chair backrest. The goal is to maintain this shape and to protect the spine from poor posture in the form of slouching or hunching over.

Check out some pointers when it comes to backrest adjustment.

Adjusting the Office Chair Back Height

  • Look for the lumbar support in the chair and ensure that it follows the curve of your back when you sit.
  • If it doesn’t and there is any form of discomfort, adjust the lumbar height through a knob. The position of this knob will vary according to chair model, but it will generally be somewhere in the back or along the sides.
  • If the existing lumbar support of your ergonomic office chair is not enough, you may consider getting an extra lumbar pillow.

Adjusting the Office Chair Back Tilt

  • Remember that sitting on your ergonomic office chair while it’s tilted back is for rest—the more tilt, the more rest. If you are working, it is advisable to sit straight.
  • If you need to lean back while working, it will help if you harden the tension on the chair so that you can control the tilt and you can still be in an upright position.

man adjusting his office chair armrest

Armrest Height and Position

When it comes to adjustability for the armrests in your ergonomic office chair, you have height adjustment, forward and back adjustment, and rotational adjustment for the 4D types of armrests. The armrests are generally designed to give users support for their arms and body. And in this regard, your will find majority of office chairs today to be equipped with armrests, whether the regular or the 4D type.

When adjusting your office chair armrest, it’s important to remember the following:

  • Although the armrests are for the arms, you should not be resting your arms on them for most of the time.
  • This means the height of the armrests should be just below the elbows, with the elbows not touching them, so that they won’t get in the way as you work.
  • The only time it is advised to rest your arms on the armrests is when you are doing a repetitive activity that doesn’t require much arm movement (i.e. mouse clicking when you browse).

Headrest Adjustment

ergonomic office chair headrest

In general, the headrest is an optional part of many office chairs. It is removable, and some office chairs do not come with it at all. So how important is it? Well, a headrest will provide support to your head, neck, shoulders, and lower back when you are sitting for long periods of time.

To get the most benefits out of the headrest in your ergonomic office chair, remember these pointers when adjusting your office chair headrest:

  • When doing work, your head should not be resting on the headrest. Instead, it should be upright on your shoulders with your back straight and relaxed. Your head must only lean back on the headrest when you are at rest.
  • To adjust the office chair headrest height, position it so that it catches the back of your head comfortably, not below or above.
  • To adjust the office chair headrest angle, check the angle at which your neck and shoulders are comfortable, not strained and not feeling excessive pressure.

Adjusting your office chair the right way is crucial so you can improve your posture even as you sit. However, we would like to continue to remind our readers that nothing beats movement, and that prolonged sitting is not advised for individuals. No matter how adjustable and how comfortable the office chair feels, it is important to get up from the chair once in a while, stretch, and move around. Pairing your ergonomic office chair with a standing desk is a good way to stay comfortable, moving, and healthy throughout the day.

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