How to Get the Most Out of Your Walking Pad

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Walking pads, a modern twist on the traditional treadmill, are becoming increasingly popular as a convenient form of exercise, especially for those with limited space. Unlike a gym treadmill or walking treadmill, a walking pad offers the flexibility of a desk treadmill situation, allowing you to integrate physical activity seamlessly into your daily routine. Whether you're using it as a standalone walking program or pairing it with a standing desk, understanding how to maximize your walking pad's potential can make a huge difference in achieving your fitness goals. From adjusting the miles per hour for a more intense workout to tracking your step count for consistent physical activity, there's a lot to explore.

However, like any workout machine, the effectiveness of a walking pad varies from person to person, depending on individual fitness goals, weight limit, and the types of physical activity one is accustomed to. For some, a walking pad might be used to supplement a more intense cardio workout, while for others, it could be the primary form of exercise.

To get the most out of your walking pad, it's important to customize your walking sessions to align with your fitness level and goals. You can vary the minutes of walking, adjust the max speed, and even connect with apps like Apple Health to monitor your progress. With the right approach, a walking pad can be a versatile and effective tool for enhancing your overall health and fitness.

Features to Get Most out of Your Walking Pad

A Closer Look at the Features of a Walking Pad

The beauty of a walking pad lies in its compact design, making it suitable for use in even the smallest of spaces, like a home office. To get the most out of your walking pad, consider incorporating it into various aspects of your daily life. Use the remote control to easily switch between speeds, or set up a desk attachment or desk converter to keep up with administrative tasks while you walk. This way, the walking pad becomes more than just a piece of exercise equipment; it's a tool for maintaining an active lifestyle, even for those with a sedentary routine.

Here are some core features of the walking pad to know about:

Multilayer pads

Most walking pads have multi-layer pads with a shock-absorption feature. This helps take care of your joints and muscles by absorbing the shock created by the bouncing of your feet on its surface, resulting in a more comfortable walk or jog. Apart from this, the pads provide a firm grip to prevent slipping and other accidents, and they also absorb sound to make your run quiet.

LED console

Information is power. To help you unleash the full potential of your body when you work out, it helps that you track your performance so you can make plans to ensure you are improving every time. Find a walking pad with a console that will display your numbers—such as your steps, speed, etc.

Step and incline

These are some of the basic features in most of the walking pads you will find today—a step to help you vary your walk, as well as an incline to help you simulate the movement of climbing a mountain or stairs. The latter provides increased stimulation to your muscles, allowing you to burn more calories and engage your muscles further.

Speed control

Do you want to do a light walk while checking some emails? You can set the speed of the walking pad to slow. When you feel ready to do a slow run during break, then you can switch the speed and make it faster. This is easy to do and doesn’t require a lot of effort. Most pads come with a remote, and you can unlock your pad’s full potential and make the most of its health benefits by making sure you use all available speeds to vary your workout.

Some walking pads have what is called an intelligent speed control. They are built with sensors that automatically detect your step and determines when to increase or reduce the speed. This is a good way to adjust your workout without having to tinker with the control each time.

Features to Get the Most out of Your Walking Pad

Apart from these appealing basic features, there are also more advanced walking pad features that will help you gain even more health benefits from your daily pad use. Check these out:

Workout app pairing

Some walking pads are designed to pair with certain workout apps. You can think of them as your LED console, except you have them right there on your phone. A workout app is helpful for monitoring your performance on the walking pad. It will help you set goals, track how you are doing on these goals, and help you adjust. Full potential, complete health benefits, and overall success unlocked!

Built-in speakers

More advanced walking pads come with speakers, giving you even more opportunities to multi-task and be productive as you do your workout. Want to listen to music or a podcast, maybe watch a movie, while you walk? That’s easy! Just connect your device to the walking pad and, voila—you’re all set! This makes walking or running more fun, and it can give you more health benefits in both body and mind, allowing you to destress or nourish your mind while your also nourish your body.

Foldable handrail design

There are some walking pad models that come with a handrail, perfect for those who may not have good balance and need something they can hold on to for stability and safety. In most designs, you can fold and tuck the handrail down after use or even when you simply feel you don’t need it. This also makes storage of the pad easy.

Preset workout programs

Allow your body to unleash its full potential by choosing workouts that not only stimulate the legs and lower body muscles but also all the muscles in your body. Find a walking pad that comes with preset programs that you can follow to easily progress in your workouts. These workouts are designed to help you build the habit of walking and make it sustainable, providing a wide range of health benefits in the process.

Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Walking Pad

More Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Walking Pad Workout

The features we mentioned above focus on unlocking the full potential of your walking pad. In this next section, we’ll take a look at some tips to help YOU unlock your body’s full potential as you engage in the different workouts you can do on your pad. By doing so, it is our hope that you can enjoy more health benefits as you work and make the most of your time working.

Unlock your body’s full potential by wearing the right shoes

The right pair of running shoes will help make the workout comfortable, help you experience less fatigue as you walk or run, and prevent any accident caused by slipping off the platform. Choose a pair of shoes that will offer full support to your feet and a pair specifically designed for walking or running.

Unlock your body’s full potential by matching your workout with your work tasks

To get the most health benefits and productivity benefits from your use of the walking pad, make sure you plan your day ahead and match your tasks with your workout. This means looking at your schedule for the day and checking which activities will do perfectly well with a workout on the walking pad. Here are some ideas:

  • You can do a walk while checking emails in the morning and writing email replies or when doing light typing and activities in your laptop.
  • You can do a slow run when attending virtual meetings, especially if you have no major participation in the meeting—just make sure to turn your camera off.
  • You can do a heavier workout during break and after work.

Putting variety to your workout will help you enjoy optimal health benefits from your walking pad experience.

Unlock your body’s full potential by starting slow and building consistency

Don’t dive right in to intense walking and running when you start using a walking pad—give your body enough time to adjust. This means starting with slow speed, perhaps a few minutes at a time, and then building the habit, doing it at a faster speed and maybe doing it for longer minutes, until your body adjusts to the increased muscle stimulation. This helps in building consistency and making the habit sustainable for you.

Unlock your body’s full potential by adding variety to your exercise

You can start by varying the speed of your walking pad, and then you can amp that up by doing other workouts on your walking pad and desk. There are simple exercises that do not require any gear, and these are easy enough to follow even as you do your daily office work. Some are simple arm and leg stretches while others also engage your core. Doing a variety of these exercises everyday will help you reap more health benefits for both mind and body.

Potential to Get the Most out of Your Walking Pad

Unlocking your walking pad’s full potential can be done by choosing the right pad features and developing the right habits. The latter, you can do by doing diligent shopping to ensure that you find the right walking pad that fits you, your office, and your budget. The second one, you can do by following proper guidelines in pad use. By remembering these, it’s easy to enjoy the health benefits that the walking pad offers.

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