How to Reset a Standing Desk

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Do you have a stuck standing desk? A desk that will not move up or down properly, or one that will not move at all? We feel you. It can be one of the most annoying experiences with a sit stand desk. In Canada, the standing desk has become a regular office fixture, and the shift in the use of this ergonomic desk has made the workplace a more dynamic, more agile, and a healthier environment. However, it comes with its own inconveniences, among which is problems with the desk getting stuck.


The standing desk or sit stand desk is made up of many components that have to work together in sync when power is applied via a press of a button. It also has sensors that protect it and its users from damage by ensuring that the desk will only function under the right circumstances. If you’re in Canada and your standing desk is having trouble, one of the first things you can do is to reset the desk.

Now the question: how do you reset a standing desk? Well, the first thing to do is to diagnose the problem before you resort to resetting your standing desk.

Stuck Standing Desk: Possible Causes

If you’re in Canada and your standing desk refuses to budge, you’ll find shops and establishments that can help you deal with the problem. However, before you cry for help and assume serious or irreparable damage in your sit stand desk, there are some initial things you can do to try and troubleshoot the problem. At the minimum, you can try and reset the standing desk to see if the issue gets resolved.

Let us help walk you through a few steps to find and diagnose the probable cause of your sit stand desk problem and understand how to approach the problem best.

First things first, check for obstruction or excessive weight on the standing desk.

In Canada and other countries, standing desks are built with a specific weight capacity. Some desks can handle more weight than others. If your desk is carrying more weight than it is designed to handle, it is programmed to shut down to prevent overloading and protect its components from damage. Take off the excess weight to bring your sit stand desk back to life.

Another thing to check is if there’s obstruction in the up and down path of the desk. Each standing desk in Canada is built with a sensor that can detect obstruction, and the sensor will tell the sit stand desk to stop once it does. And again, this is to protect the desk from damage. Do you have a hanging cabinet above the desk? Even as simple as a framed photo on the wall can trigger the sensor, so do a thorough check for this.

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Next, check for uneven legs in the standing desk.

In Canada, you will find single- and dual-motor sit stand desks, and both types of desks can suffer from this after sometime. If you have dual motors, there may be rare instances when one motor is more powerful than the other, and sometimes the difference is minute. But if one side of the desk moves only a teeny bit faster than the other side, then you will end up with uneven legs. Soon, the desk will stop moving either because the control box detected the difference or because of damage.

The same can happen in a single-motor sit stand desk. If the locking mechanism is not working so well, then the side with the motor may be rising more than the side without the motor, creating a slight height difference that will cause some problems. If that is the case, we have a Youtube guide you can use to fix and reset the standing desk.

Lastly, check for problems in the control box or other electronic components.

The cause can be as simple as loose wires. Or, it’s the control box cycling out or “taking a rest” to prevent possible damage due to overheating. It is also possible there are problems with the motor—if the issue is caused by having no power in the motor. Or, it could be any of the internal components and electronics being damaged. If you have checked and determined that it’s not any external factor causing the problem, it might be time to reach out to the manufacturer of your standing desk in Canada. Check if the sit stand desk is still under warranty and have it examined.

How to Reset a Standing Desk: A Quick Guide

While there are many establishments in Canada for standing desk problem diagnosis and repair, you might want to start doing your own troubleshooting if you encounter problems with your sit stand desk, just in case it’s a simple reset that is needed.

Resetting the standing desk is the first thing you must do if you encounter an issue. Most often, a reset would bring the desk back to its original setting and allow it to function normally again. And, the process is so simple it can be done by anyone, even those who do not have much technical experience.

Here are two ways to reset a standing desk depending on your desk model:


  • Press both the up and down arrow together in the keypad built into the standing desk.
  • This will trigger the desk to go down to its lowest position, at which point it will be reset.

GUIDE HERE: How to Reset Ergo2 Series Single Motor Standing Desk (


  • Unplug the desk, and then wait for about half a minute before plugging it back in.
  • Press and hold the down arrow on the keypad until the sit stand desk reaches its lowest position, and then release the button.
  • Press the down button another time for about 10 seconds, and then wait for the keypad to display RESET or RST. Once it does, then your desk is reset. Try to check if it is now properly working.

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    Whether in other countries or in Canada, the standing desk reset process is almost the same across the desk models being offered, so doing your own standing desk reset should be easy. Remember, too, that you know yourself best—your level of experience and capability. Learn when it’s best to try and do the reset yourself and when it’s time to seek professional help. Either way, remember to always take care of your sit stand desk to get more years of service out of it.

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