How to Use a Standing Desk: Going Back to the Basics

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Standing desk. In Canada, this ergonomic solution has been here for a while. Some of you have probably heard about it, or you may have even used one at work. However, if this is the first time you’re hearing of the standing desk or the sit stand desk, or if you’re new to the sit stand lifestyle, this post is specifically for you.

In countries like Canada, standing desk has become a leading solution against sedentary lifestyle. It has grown in popularity in the workplace and in home offices because of its promise to reduce the risks of chronic diseases associated with the lack of movement experienced by individuals whose work revolves around computers and who spend most of their day seated.

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The standing desk is also called a sit stand desk because it is designed for use both sitting and standing. The desk is height adjustable. It can be set at a sitting height and then adjusted to a standing height, allowing users to easily shift between sitting and standing as they work on their desk and computer. All it takes is one press of a button to adjust the desk height, so you can alternate between sitting and standing effortlessly.

Why Use a Standing Desk: A Look at the Benefits

If you’re in Canada, the standing desk is one thing you’ll likely encounter sooner or later. Most offices have started to use them, after all, and for good reason. Check out the benefits the standing desk offers:

  • It corrects posture and reduces the risk of spinal problems
  • It reduces back pain by continuously stimulating your muscles and keeping them from being locked in a single position for too long
  • It improves circulation in your body
  • It increases energy, focus, and creativity
  • It can improve overall mood
  • It can help in managing weight and reducing risks of obesity
  • It also helps reduce risks associated with chronic diseases like diabetes, coronary problems, and musculoskeletal conditions

Although it is not a cure-all for sedentary lifestyle, there is an increasing usage of the standing desk in Canada offices. It has become an in-demand fixture in many modern workplaces around the world.

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Now, if you’re new in the use of a sit stand desk and want to learn how you can best utilize this ergonomic solution and maximize its benefits, read on.

How to Stand at a Standing Desk: A Quick Guide

Whether you are using your standing desk in your Canada office or at home, there are certain guidelines you must remember to help you make the most of your sit stand desk. Check out the following:

Desk Configuration and Set Up

The first guideline has to do with the way the sit stand desk is installed in your office or home. The standing desk comes in different sizes, from small to large, so you know you’ll find one for your exact space. Once you have, take stock of everything that is in your space—declutter if you must—and find a place for your sit stand desk, one where there is no obstruction that can hinder the movement of the desk as it goes up and down.

Once you have installed the standing desk in its place, it is time to set it up to the correct height. Each standing desk you’ll find in Canada comes with a specific height range, and it’s important to find the right one that will match your height. You will find a keypad built into your sit stand desk, and this is where you can set the height of the desk.

As a guide in setting the right standing desk height, make sure of the following:

  • Your feet are flat on the floor and you are standing straight
  • Set the height that will allow your arms and palms to be on the desk surface with the elbows bent at a 90-degree angle and your fingers comfortably touching the keys on your keyboard

All set? Congratulations for setting up the standing desk in your Canada home or office! Make sure to save that height on the keypad so you just have to press one button the next time you need to adjust the desk to standing height. It’s time to think about how to use a standing desk properly and how you can stay consistent in the sit stand lifestyle.

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Developing the Habit of Standing

Those who are new in the habit of alternating between sitting and standing at work may wonder about the correct way on how to use a standing desk. Some may find the new lifestyle tiring and challenging, but we say stay at it. And, remember some important reminders to help make the transition to this new lifestyle easy.

  • Learn your own sit stand rhythm. If you’re just starting to learn how to use a standing desk, this is perhaps one of the most important things to learn. It’s helpful to know that there is a recommended amount of standing time that is helpful so you can get the right results—it’s from as short as 15 to as long as 45 minutes every hour. However, if you want to develop the habit for the long term, you have to help yourself adapt by slowly building up to a schedule that works for you, at your own pace. Start with 15 minutes and stay there until you feel ready to move up. What’s more important is consistency. Do it everyday until it becomes natural to you.
  • Wear the right shoes. This means flat shoes that are capable of providing your feet and legs the support they need so you can stand without feeling fatigue after only a few minutes.
  • Use the right accessories to support you. These may include an anti-fatigue mat, a set of monitor arms, and a foot rest, among others. These are helpful as you learn how to use a standing desk, as they will help you get into the rhythm of things more comfortably and more easily.

Investing in a standing desk, whether in your Canada home or office, is a good move if you’re concerned about staying healthy amid your busy schedule. Choose a sit stand desk that matches your height, invest in accessories that will help you develop the habit easily, and just keep going.

How to use a standing desk? That’s easy. With our guide above, we hope you no longer feel so new in the sit stand lifestyle by this time. Good luck and stay healthy!

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