Innovation + Design: Two New Chairs Join the MotionGrey Line-Up

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New times, new needs—we see this everywhere, especially with the sudden turn of events this past year. With more and more people working from home and with agile work becoming the new normal, we see a lot of new needs arising for many employees and workers. And here at MotionGrey, we consider these new opportunities to find advanced ergonomic solutions that will fit today’s changing workplaces.

Introducing the New MotionGrey Ergonomic Chairs 

Motion AirGlide Chair and Motion AirWise Stool

We are happy to share that we are expanding our chair line-up to include new models designed to radically change the face of ergonomics in the workplace. Imagine combining the best of technology and design to create dynamic chairs that interact with your body, constantly adjusting to every position to give you the right level of comfort and support.

The Motion AirGlide Office Chair

Balance, stability, and support in one—that is the AirGlide promise. It’s a smart chair that you can customize according to your needs, all thanks to its wide array of adjustment features combined with soft and light materials that offer reliable support.

Motion AirGlide Ergonomic Chair


What's Awesome About It

  • Its synchro-tilt mechanism enables the seat to adjust to the back at the right ratio to ensure that you enjoy a smooth recline-glide every time.
  • Automatic support allows you to choose a recline angle and lock the chair in that angle or leave it loose so it constantly adjusts to your body movement.
  • Fully adjustable components, from the headrest to the back support and the armrests, will give you just the right amount of mobility. Arm pads getting in the way? Easily rotate them away from you so you get extra space!

The Motion AirGlide comes with a synchro-tilt mechanism that is changing the standard for ergonomic chair design. By engineering the chair so that the back and the seat has a 2:1 tilt ratio, the chair is able to retain its stability and balance, allowing you to keep your feet firm and flat on the floor when you recline.

This feature is further enhanced by 3 back-angle adjustment options that you can choose from—choose your recline angle, lock, and you’re ready! None of the options cutting it for you? Then leave the lock loose and let the chair adjust to your every movement. How cool is that?!

Add in the adjustable headrests and lumbar support, as well as the armrests that you can adjust not only in height but in its position relative to your body (keep it close or keep it away, up to you!), and you get a fully customizable chair!

If you’re looking for some bonus, consider these: two color options (black and white), soft fabric seat and breathable mesh back, and all eco-friendly components. Awesome!

The Motion Ergonomic AirWise Stool

Enjoy a whole new level of mobility and flexibility with this new AirWise stool, the only one of its kind in the MotionGrey chair line-up. Small and portable, this stool packs a punch and ticks all the right boxes when it comes to ergonomic sitting and standing. It’s a perfect pair for your standing desk and a great complement to your existing office chair!

Motions AirWise Stool

What's Awesome About It


  • Sitting or standing, this stool can support you. It has up to 10” of height adjustment, all within easy reach through simple-touch buttons.
  • Enjoy 360 degrees of movement. Pivot, sit, perch—all possible with steady support, thanks to the weighted base equipped with treaded rubber to keep it upright and firmly gripping the floor.
  • Designed to promote your wellness, this stool comes with the right combination of waterfall edge design and breathable fabric that guarantee support and comfort.

Sitting? Sure! Standing? Perfect! Simply adjust the button to enjoy the height that you need.

When seated, this chair will give you complete access to the space around you, all while making sure that it remains stable and upright. When standing, it will allow you to perch on it to keep your core active and engaged. This chair is guaranteed to keep up with the adjustments you need as you go through your day.

All function, yes? This chair is all style and beauty, too! The waterfall edge seat design does not only give it a smooth edge but also provides real support to the thighs and legs. And with color options of black and blue, you can mix and match with your workspace!

Both chairs are now available for pre-order in our MotionGrey ergonomic chair catalog. And as we continue to find new ways to address workplace and home office challenges, expect more innovative solutions coming to you from the MotionGrey team.

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