Is it For You? 5 Reasons to Buy a Standing Desk

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Looking for a lifestyle change and wondering whether investing in a standing desk is a good way to jumpstart your new journey? The electric standing desk has been here for a while, and it looks like it’s here to stay—for a good reason. There are real and practical benefits from using a standing desk.

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In Canada and around the world, the need for a conscious, intentional shift to a healthier lifestyle became more evident during the pandemic when people were confined to their homes. We didn’t have the outdoors to run in, the gyms were temporarily closed, and all we had was the limited space within our homes. The good thing—most people learned to adapt. And, standing desks became a huge part of every home, especially for those who were working from home and needed a way to keep moving within their space throughout the day.

Standing desks are here to stay—and why it’s time you get one, too!

Now that we’re back to our normal, pre-pandemic lifestyle, some things remain, including standing desks. Whether at work or at home, they’ve proven their place and their benefits. But how do you know if a standing desk is for you? Check out the following questions:

Do you need to stand more and move more throughout the day?

A lot of jobs today, whether at the office or at home, involve sitting in front of the computer for 8 hours or more. These types of jobs have increased to as much as 83% over the years, leaving workers sedentary for most of their day. Together with this increase is a parallel increase in obesity and the number of health conditions associated with prolonged sitting.

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And, studies show that exercise does not completely offset the risks posed by sitting. But what does? A study on Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT) has shown that increased regular activity like walking, doing household chores, or standing is the answer. And when you’re glued to your computer for a whole day, a stand-up desk can help add movement to your day naturally by encouraging you to stand as you work.

Do you suffer from back pain?

In Canada, standing desk has become the go-to solution to reduce instances of back pain caused by excessive sitting and poor posture. Back pain is considered one of the most common health problems in Canada, that 80% of Canadian adults experience back pain at some point in their life.

This is due to being in a sitting position for too long with the muscles locked and tensed. And if you slouch or hunch on your desk while seated, you increase the likelihood of suffering from back pain at the end of the day. And, over time, it can lead to various musculoskeletal diseases that might last a lifetime. Preventing this requires a habit, and standing desks make creating the habit of standing and moving throughout the day easier.

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Do you want to be more productive at work?

You might think productivity doesn’t have anything to do with standing, but studies actually show a correlation between the two factors. In a study of office employees who are largely sedentary, up to 45% of productivity increase was observed between employees who used a standing desk vs. those who remained seated. The increase was gradual, from 23% during the first month to 53% over the next 6 months. By merely standing often with the help of a sit-stand desk, you can accomplish more in a day.

Do you want to increase your energy throughout the day?

If you’ve ever felt bored, sleepy, or tired at work, you’ll understand how damaging it can be not only to your productivity but also to your overall wellbeing and mental health, especially if it has become recurrent.

Standing more will help you preserve and harness back your energy. How? The answer is in circulation. Moving more will increase blood and oxygen circulation in your body, and this translates to increased energy. If you’ve been feeling lethargic, or unengaged at work, check your movement throughout the day and consider an adjustable desk. Canada has great options you can choose from to keep yourself moving and keep your energy high all day long.

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Do you want to live a healthier lifestyle?

So, let’s set some records straight. A healthier lifestyle doesn’t necessarily mean breaking your pocket to get premium organic ingredients for all your food preparations or spending most of your waking moments at the gym. A healthier lifestyle is achievable with some simple tweaks and changes in your daily habits.

A standing desk will make developing a healthier lifestyle natural and effortless—because what’s more effortless than standing, right?

And, finding the best standing desk in Canada is easy with the great number of options available. All you have to do is to check the features and find those that meet your needs. It’s a long-term investment that can significantly increase the qualify of your life and your overall health.

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