Is Your Office Work Posing Danger to Your Life?

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When it comes to injuries and accidents in the workplace, not many people would think of an office as a setting for these incidents happening. However, working in an office poses its own kind of danger, one that is not too obvious—which makes it even more dangerous.

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Office injuries can develop over time, and it’s interesting to note that the usual causes are the small practices that most office workers fall into as they do their work.

The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) reports that musculoskeletal injuries from the workplace do not develop instantly but over a period of time. In can be caused by a wide range of factors, one of the most curious being body posture.

Your Posture at Work: Why It Can Cause Injury

Poor posture is normal every once in a while, but being in an unnatural posture for a prolonged period of time can have its consequences. Such is often the case among office workers.

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So why is poor posture dangerous?

Well, your body is designed with interconnected parts that depend on each other, connected by elements that sustain them, such as blood and oxygen. When the body is in its natural position and constantly moving, the parts receive all that they need and they work well.

Now, when the body is in an unnatural position, when your back is hunched for hours as you work on your desk, for instance, or when your arms are angled weird as you type on your keyboard, blockage occurs and the flow of oxygen and blood towards body parts that need them is inhibited. If you’ve ever felt tingling or cramps in certain body parts after being in a prolonged position, those are symptoms telling you your posture is wrong.

Another thing that can happen with poor posture is unequal distribution of work and pressure among your different body parts. Some muscles will be working more than they should, causing fatigue.

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The effects of poor posture are not felt right away. It’s so easy to think nothing is wrong and to get used to regular pains on your back, shoulder, arms, and neck—without knowing that you’re in for bigger trouble later on. You get more prone to injuries, and you will notice the usual pains you’re suffering from to be getting worse as joints and muscles get continuously damaged.

What You Can Do to Combat Office Injuries

For most people who work in an office, not working on the computer is not an option. But you’re not doomed. Even if you need to work for 8 hours or more on your computer every day, there are things you can do to avoid the risks of developing musculoskeletal injuries.

Keep a Healthy Posture

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This one is the most obvious—be mindful of your position as you sit in front of your PC, making sure you’re not hunched or slouching, that your back is straight and your feet are touching the floor. To avoid mindlessly falling into poor posture as you get engrossed in work, put post-it reminders around you, or set a reminder alarm on your phone. Mindfulness is key.

Get Moving

Our body is designed to move, and you put it at risk when you stay in a certain position for too long, even if it’s a correct position. Make it a point to get up from your chair every hour, do stretches, and walk around a little bit so that your muscles can be stimulated and oxygen and blood can flow freely.

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Our standing desks are designed to encourage movement, and this is the reason we are continuing to improve the desks we offer. One way to ensure movement as you work is to alternate between sitting and standing, and a standing desk can help you with that.

Get Proper Body Support

When you’re seated in front of a computer for a prolonged period of time, the mere act of balancing your head between your shoulders is causing strain on your muscles. Imagine how much strain your muscles will need to endure for a whole day of work.

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Stay safe by giving your body the support that it needs. Go for an office chair that will offer you full support from head to feet. Avoid carpal tunnel syndrome by using ergonomic mouse and keyboard. And for your feet and legs, try an anti-fatigue mat and foot rest.

Start living a healthier lifestyle at work by keeping your body moving, maintaining a good posture, and getting the support you need. It takes just a little bit of time and effort to develop a lifestyle that will ensure your health and wellbeing in the long run.

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