How to Make Work From Home Work For You

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Working from home has never been better. With several restrictions in our movement around the world, it has become the most viable option when it comes to getting work done and keeping business operations going. However, many of us still find this as abnormal and will need help figuring out how to go about working from home. This is why we have this guide to show you all the beautiful things to get you through.

Work from Home

What are the Benefits of Working from Home? 

Working from home provides loads of benefits in efficiency, convenience, and reduction in cost. Being able to wake up in the night and work can be a relief for many workers. Usually, after our typical office hours, we catch a little bit of fun, but then we recall something critical or a bright idea pops up, and we have to put it down somewhere. 

Have you ever heard anyone say vegetables taste their best immediately when they are harvested? From that point on, their taste, value, and nutrients depreciate. The same can be said for working from home, and here is why. 

Imagine all those fantastic ideas coming to you at 1 AM, and immediately you can act on them, process them, and apply them to your work—all thanks to working from home. However, if you run to the office at 1 AM, everyone will probably think you're crazy. 

In the long run, gaining access to your workplace from home can be a critical determining factor on how fast you climb the success ladder. Generally, workers prefer working with as much freedom as possible.

Work from Home Set Up

Once a task and a deadline have been set, all that's left is for the worker to get the objective done. Not only will this develop independent skills, but it will also help workers function with little to no supervision. 

I’ve always taken working from home as arguably the best way to work. And with the rising demand for work from home jobs, many people are beginning to notice its advantages. Businesses no longer have a choice but to set up a system that supports working from home or risk going bankrupt. 

Thanks to reliable technologies such as Skype, Facetime, Google, Hangouts, and cloud computing as examples, working at home can share a resemblance to working at the office. It also makes it possible for several tasks which were considered office only to be carried out at home now. 

Work from Home Station

What Does Research Say About Working from Home?

According to a recent research by Harvard, companies with work from anywhere policies can boost employees' productivity, reduce job turnover, and lower organizational cost. This makes working from home not only beneficial to the employees; the employers also spend less and make more. 

If working from home works efficiently, companies can rent a place to keep just ten workers instead of renting office spaces to hold 50+ workers. This is because hardly every worker will be in the office at the same time—smaller space, smaller rent. 

For example, telecommunication workers who perform very complex tasks that need absolute concentration with little social interaction will perform better when they work from home. This is proven in another study. 

I could go on and on listing excellent scenarios for exploiting the benefits of working from home, but that wouldn't be necessary. In the event of a disaster that affects or completely cuts off the way we move and operate in the office, a company that previously ran a work from home policy will do much better even if a sector of its online workers goes offline. 

The Top Types of Work from Home Jobs 

Yes, we would all love to work from home; however, this option isn't possible for every job. Imagine an emergency room attendant wanting to work from home. Not likely. Or the construction worker that's supposed to fix your leaking roof. However, other jobs that involve coming to the office is simply a waste of precious time. 

Here are some of the most common jobs you can choose to do from home:

Work from home jobs

Virtual Assistant

Think of this as an offsite online secretary. Traditional secretaries come with many expenses for a company. This is why many small companies have only a handful. But if they work from home, assistants can still function as effectively. They communicate with their bosses via email and other telecommunication tools. They can also exploit the benefits of interconnected computing to update their bosses’ calendars, schedules, manage calls, and prioritize to-do lists. And all these come at a lower cost to the company. 


International companies usually need interpreters to communicate across language barriers. These translators are required in order to translate documents, transcripts, and translate them in conferences. But are they required in the room? No. With a video camera and internet connection, a translator could be in his or her pajamas and translate everything that's said in real time. 

Data Entry

You must not be in the office to input data. All you need is the raw data and a computer with the necessary software. So, all you need to do is get the raw data from the office, go home, and work. 

Teachers or Tutors

Recently, we’ve noticed a spike in the number of online classes and tutors. This is a clear indication that you don't have to be in a classroom to teach effectively. Students can take tests, assignments, and notes without having to go to school. Teachers and students can communicate and walk through problems together without being in the same room. 

Working from home

How to Work Effectively from Home

Whether you decide to work a set number of days remotely or opt for the full work from home option, you must be able to maintain your productivity. Many companies find working from home dangerous because many workers claim they can still function that way when they really can’t. So before going for this option, you need to have basic structures such as: 

  • The right workspace
  • The necessary technology 
  • A way to handle your pets, children, partner, or any other distraction
  • A schedule that lets you have social contacts and stimulations coming from being in the workplace with others around you

Work from Home Productivity

Establishing Ground Rules 

How long do you want to work at home? Do you wish to maintain a nine-to-five work schedule, or do you prefer being flexible? By flexible, I don't mean you work for just an hour in a whole week. Instead, you work for a fixed number of hours a week at your own time. With this method, you can log in to your office and log out anytime as long as you meet your objectives and your working hours. 

You will need to install essential tools to ensure your supervisors can monitor and communicate with you effectively. Other team members and colleagues may sometimes be consulted for their input on some issues. Can your technology ensure that no vital information is lost during calls or video conferences? 

It is important that an employer correctly spells out the rules when it comes to working from home. Before completely deciding to work from home, you should test the waters on a trial run. This way, you're sure of what you're getting yourself into, and you can work out all the problems that arise. 

Work from Home Distractions

With my experience of working at home, another potential problem is distraction. Yes, when we put our minds into something, it's hard for us to steer off course. Still, it's possible. Many times, we make up our minds to read a book or do an assignment once we get home, but here is how it mostly turns out: we get home to open the book, flip a couple of pages, then we start having an appetite for wine or potato chips, and we go to the kitchen. Trust me, most times that's the end of us reading that book.

To be sincere, it isn't our fault. Our homes are designed to be comfortable and convenient for us. This alone makes it pretty hard for us to work. With our beds not so far off and a comfortable couch right there, we face a lot of temptations when it comes to working from home. This is why companies are scared to try it out. In the end, some workers aren't able to be as productive as they were in the office.

So, you must develop a system that helps you fight these distractions. You can tap into the greatness that comes with working from home. 

Benefits of Working from Home

It Saves Time 

Completely removing the need to commute to the office is not just a time saver but also a morale booster. When all you have to do is move from the bedroom to your home office, you carry a good spirit to work.

Have you ever woken up and you were so happy to get to work, only for someone or something to ruin it on your way to the office? I sure have. It could be traffic or the cab driver, and sometimes it's the weather. But when you work from home, you avoid all these. And, you save money on gas or public transportation.

Workers are More Productive 

An Oxford study has shown that workers from home are about 13 times more productive than office workers. Imagine a 13% improvement among all your workers. That’ll be great, wouldn't it? 

Work from home convenience

Workers are Happier

In a world where more than 264 million people of all ages suffer depression, the importance of staying happy can’t be stressed enough. Everyone seems to find it difficult balancing work and life. With happier employees, you have a happier business with increasing profit margins. 

Working from Home has Become Easier and Cheaper than Ever

With so many ways to communicate today, it would cost you more to work from the office than to work from home. With reliable technology like seamless video conferencing, the concept of working from home is welcomed. Today, communication over a distance has not only become better but also faster than ever.

You No Longer Have to Pay for Many Office Amenities

With staff members working from home, you can cut out a lot of office amenities. With little to no one in the office, you can enjoy cheaper electricity bills, little or no need for office chairs or desks, and no more office snacks. Did you know that IBM has saved about $100 million annually, all thanks to its remote work program?

Work from Home Technology

You Can Hire the Absolute Best

With the ability to work from anywhere in the world, you can hire the best without worrying. Talented individuals who previously would have had to move their lives can now work without leaving their houses. 

Employees Take Fewer Sick Days

Illnesses such as flues, cough, and in unique cases, Covid-19, make it difficult and impossible for workers to make it to the office. But if you’re working from home, there is no need to call a sick day. Employees who experience mild symptoms can still work. And, the bright workers who have infectious diseases won’t be able to share it with other workers.

Work from Home Mental Wellness

Health Benefits

While working from home, you have more time to eat healthy meals, which gives you a healthier life. Meanwhile, with a busy schedule, it becomes pretty tough to balance work and life. 

From getting back home at 8 PM to having to be in the office by 10 AM, there isn't much time to rest and eat home-cooked or healthy food. Health food, combined with the flexibility of working from home, will benefit your workers with healthier lives and little to no stress. 

Co-founder of SimpleTexting, Felix Dubinsky, admits that working from home makes it a lot easier to keep a healthier diet. It saves a lot of stressful hours that would have been previously used up in commuting, he says. 

When working from home, you design your office how you want it to be. This means you no longer have to deal with allergic reactions from perfumes, office snacks, or office flowers. 

When most of us think of working from home, we assume that it’s an excuse to work less, but that isn't the case. Most of us today can hardly complete all we have to do in our regular office hours. So most times, we end up taking our work back home with us. This already means working from home. From receiving office-related calls to replying emails, these already classify as working from home. 

Today, companies are forced to catch up with the possibility of working from home. We now see programs on TV coming up with beneficial life hacks on how we should sit and work while staying at home. And while working at home simply isn't for everybody, employees may finally be able to open a savings account and accomplish more when they stay at home.  

Tips for Working from Home

  • Stick to your work schedule
  • Beware of workaholic tendencies 
  • Don't get over-excited on saving money in the short run

Work home. Work happy.

I hope companies and employers start to see the benefits of working from home and the opportunities it opens for companies, too. I understand that many companies fear this alternative because they feel their employees will abuse the privilege as a result of no oversight. Because you can’t see what your employees are doing, it may feel as if you’re giving up control. We understand these challenges, but in the end, what matters is that the job gets done.  

Working from home can be exciting, empowering, and profitable as long as you stick to its guidelines. Whether you’re a freelancer or an office worker, it provides an escape from all the hassles of the office. But, you should understand that with great freedom comes great responsibility. Working for hours uninterrupted may not be as easy as it sounds. I hope the tips above will help you check and decide whether work from home is right for you.

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