[Mother’s Day Feature] Creating a Cozy Working Space with Q Vita

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Here at MotionGrey, we have always been passionate about creating healthier working spaces to help individuals live a high quality of life. We focus on ergonomics as sustainable and natural solutions to the many health problems caused by sedentary habits. 

And for this Mother’s Day, we’re partnering up with a local business whose values align with ours, Q Vita.

Q Vita Home Page

Q Vita

We first wrote about this local company back in 2022 in a new customer feature.

Q Vita is a women-led linen company founded by a young female entrepreneur who was looking for healthier, safer, and more eco-friendly linen options for home and office use. The business values quality and sustainability, and it carefully curates select organic linen pieces that are comfortable and hypoallergenic, fashionable for use in modern homes, as well as available in rates that will not break the bank.

Q Vita offers beddings, sofa covers and throws, as well as other linen accessories for the home, all of which crafted with care to ensure they have top quality and will last for many years. These are classic pieces that will add value to any space, and we have some of these pieces in our MotionGrey office. We love the quality of the products, and we are especially happy to be in partnership with a brand that values eco-sustainability the same way we do.

Mother’s Day Collaboration: MotionGrey and Q Vita

For this year’s Mother’s Day, we are happy to share that we have partnered with Q Vita and will be joint offering our products with exclusive discounts and giveaways.

Top MotionGrey Products


MotionGrey’s leading products include our standing desks and adjustable chairs, ergonomic solutions designed to improve any office space and help workers and employees stay productive, healthy, and well. Apart from these, we also offer ergonomic accessories such as but not limited to:

  • Ergonomic mouse and keyboard
  • Anti-fatigue mat
  • Monitor arms

Top Q Vita Products

Q Vita Products

Q Vita offers pillowcases, linen beddings, and covers and throws for beds and sofas. These are not only aesthetic and stylish additions to every space but are also practical and comfortable to use in all weather conditions. The fabrics are sourced from organic flax linen, and all products are premium in quality.

  • Organic linen beddings
  • Soft sofa covers and throws
  • Stylish pillow and cushion covers

You can enjoy all of these MotionGrey and Q Vita products at an exclusive discount only this Mother’s Day. These are all perfect as gifts for the special moms in your life, or even to yourself. Check out our catalog and the Q Vita website, start browsing and shopping, and start transforming your space. 

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Our products are designed with wellness as the focal point. From our electric standing desks to our office and gaming chairs, we deliver best value by putting your health, safety, and comfort as top priority. Boost your creativity and level up work performance. We want you to create great outcomes so we’re providing you only the best tools to make them possible.
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