New Workspace Inspirations to Usher in the New Year

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New year, new workspace! And with a new, improved space, let us usher in increased productivity, focus, and creativity this 2022!

Start your new year workspace overhaul with a new desk set-up! And in the spirit of creating an open space ready for this year's blessing, and challenges (bring it on!), we're going for a clean look - starting with white or light-colored desk top!

Clean Workspace Inspirations

Check out the following compilations below from our MotionGrey customers and partners.

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When it comes to a clean desk, what can be cleaner than a white desk top and a white frame combo? This set up from Kathryn looks like it's straight from a zen room.

workspace inspiration

This set-up from Julie is a combination of clean and exciting. The calm created by this white desk works pretty well against the backdrop of the busy buildings and streets that the space overlooks. Who wouldn't love to have this workspace and this view?!
workspace inspiration

A white, clean look has a way of bringing out the colors of the elements in and around it. Just take a look at this setup from interactive designer Ferik - the burst of colors is more vibrant and the creative energy oozing from the space stronger against the white desk. Love, love love!

workspace inspiration

White desk on a black frame - this setup from Chris looks like it's ready for some serious work. And the clean and heavy-duty look goes beyond appearance; this desk can seriously handle some weight and your daily use and abuse.

workspace inspiration

This all-white set-up from Vincent, from the desk to the chair and all the accessories around it, is a great way to invite calm no matter how stressful the day gets. Here's what he has to say about the desk:

"I've been using this for over 6 months now, wanted to give it some time of usage before reviewing it. My experience so far is very positive: the product works as intended."⁠ We're happy you like it, Vincent!

workspace inspiration

This set up features a customized top on a white MotionGrey frame, creating a utilitarian and cozy look that looks great for both working, doing some creative project, or simply relaxing. The MotionGrey frame is compatible with most regular table tops, so customizing is easy. Thank you, Blake P!   

Let's go for a clean space open to new possibilities this year, shall we? Take some time to get inspiration from these desks, add in your very own unique creative elements, and enjoy your new space!

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