New Year Decluttering Guide for Your Workspace

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Just a few days before New Year—are you ready to start on a clean slate and create a new, better year? Different people will tell you different ways to approach the new year, but one habit we believe in is to create space for blessings, for opportunities, and for the good things by letting go of things that no longer serve you (or are past their season).

So how do we do that? Declutter! Declutter your space so it can breathe, ready to invite new possibilities. This is true literally and figuratively, and this applies both to your home and your workplace, or your home office.

Guide to Decluttering for the New Year

Take a look around your workspace. How do you feel about it? If it looks messy and brings you a feeling of heaviness because of the clutter, then it’s the perfect time to free up some space and read this guide.

Throw away anything that’s no longer working

The first question to ask would be: which of the things around you no longer serve a purpose? Do you have office equipment that are long past their use and are already damaged or no longer functioning?

If your office chair no longer holds its height properly, check if it can be repaired, or replace it altogether. Your paper shredder stuck and no longer working? It might be time for it to retire. And don’t focus on big equipment alone. A stapler that’s stuck, several pens with ink that have dried up over time, loose and damaged clips? If you know they’re beyond repair, let go and clean up your space.


If you’re getting replacement, this is the best time to remember—go for quality. Invest in office equipment that will last and work for you for years. Replacing a worn-out office desk? Get a new standing desk that can bring added and new function to your space and your routine. Think it’s time to replace your mouse and keyboard? Go for ergonomic replacements—they’re better for you. Find equipment that will give more returns in the long run.


Let go of used paper

Do you have files that are redundant (i.e. you have a printed copy and you also have a soft copy in your hard drive)? Paper files are among the most common source of clutter in a workspace, and they can take up so much space. If your file cabinets are already full beyond capacity and ready to overflow, it’s time to revisit their content and see whether there are stuff in there that you can convert to soft copy and then dispose.

There are many ways you can dispose of paper conscientiously. You can recycle them, create a notepad out of them, or shred those that contain sensitive information. Even shredded paper can have second use. And while you’re at it, be sure to convert all your bills and subscriptions this 2022 to e-copy in order to minimize the amount of paper getting into your space. Less hassle, more free space!

Check your decors

When chosen carefully, decorative items can bring joy and brighten up a space. But, too much and they can cause chaos. If you have a tendency to hold on to gifts and things for sentimental reasons, then you need to be extra watchful of the amount of stuff that you add to your space. You might not even notice just how cluttered your space has become, with a mish mash of gifts, souvenirs, and knick-knacks from various people and during different occasions in your life.

Take a closer look at your space and at all the items you have there. Do they bring a dash of sunshine in your space? Do they bring a smile to your face when you see or hold them? If you no longer feel about something in your space and it’s just there because it’s always been there, then it might be time to relocate it to another place or even let it go.

Declutter your digital space

These days, clutter can happen not just in your physical space but also in your digital space. Take a look at your computer or laptop and at all the files you have there. Do you know where each file you need is located? Are all your files stored where they should be?


If you find that you have a hard time finding the files you need more often, it’s time to declutter and do some re-arranging in your digital workspace. Check for redundant files, for obsolete ones, or for files you no longer need. In the long run, this will save you from a lot of hassle and stress.

So, ready to declutter and welcome the new year with more space to fill with joy and hope? Let’s get started!

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