Pain-Free 2022: 7 Tips to Avoid the Usual Pain when Working in Front of a Computer

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How can you make 2022 better for you? We’ve touched on several areas you can improve this year in some of our previous posts. And for this post, we’ll move to creating a pain-free working lifestyle this year by tweaking your work environment and developing healthy work habits.

Working in front of a computer for hours can cause a wide range of health problems, and among the first symptoms to likely surface is pain—on your back, shoulders, neck, and legs, parts of the body that take the pressure of prolonged sitting and improper posture. Now the question:

How do we eliminate the pain caused by hours of computer work and stay healthier this 2022?

Here we share 7 tips that can help you start to work towards a pain-free year. Check these out.

Get proper back support

Back pain is among the most common results of prolonged sitting in front of a computer. Slouching or working in a hunched position often lead to strained muscles and unnatural curving of the spine, causing the pain.

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One of the best ways to combat this is to give your back the support that it needs via a high-quality ergonomic chair, one that can support not only your back but also your neck and head. This way, you won’t have the need to constantly balance your head between your shoulders as you work and your muscles can relax and get some rest. Find a chair that is easily adjustable, and you can even add a cushion to get the right amount of back support you need.

Invest in ergonomic keyboard and mouse

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is one of the most serious and most painful conditions suffered by individuals who work on their computer for a long period of time. Caused by repetitive finger and hand movement (such as when typing), CTS is a serious injury that might require surgery and affect your overall function.

A quick solution to avoid and reduce the risks of developing CTS is to get a keyboard and mouse that are more friendly to your hands. Ergonomic keyboards and mice are designed to encourage your hands to retain their natural position when typing and clicking on your computer so you can avoid injury.


Position your monitor properly

We’ve talked about back pain and hand/wrist pain, but let’s not forget your eyes. Eye strain can be a serious problem and can hinder productivity. But, one of the simplest ways to avoid it is correct monitor placement—right height, right angle.

If your desk does not allow this, consider a set of monitor arms. These will allow you to lift your monitor off your desk and reposition it as you need, adjusting both the height and the angle easily. Correct monitor position will not only eliminate eye strain but can also reduce chances of shoulder and back pain.


Elevate your feet

Prolonged sitting can cut off blood circulation to certain body parts. And, your legs and feet often get the brunt of this because of their position relative to your body. So, you might notice feelings of numbness, fatigue, and some pain now and then.

One way to prevent this is to elevate your feet, and a foot rest can help you with that. Find one with a soft surface, or invest in one that rocks or moves to encourage circulation and stimulate your leg muscles.


Move more often

A sedentary lifestyle is a dangerous lifestyle, but it appears unavoidable because of the nature of many types of work today. However, if your work entails being in front of a computer for a whole day, you can create small habits to break sitting. Adding more movements to your day can go a long way in keeping you healthy.

Get up from your chair every hour to walk around for a couple of minutes or simply to get water from the water cooler. Walk outside during lunchtime. Or, alternate between sitting and standing as you work on your computer—get an adjustable desk to make this easy. Find ways to move and keep your body active.

Exercise and stretch

In addition to the previous point, you can be more intentional in adding movement to your day via regular exercise. You can do morning exercises before you sit in front of your computer. And, you can add regular stretches during breaks to engage your muscles. This can even improve your focus, thus increasing your productivity.


Take regular breaks

Breaks are necessary to a healthy mind and body. It will not only give you a chance to stretch and move but will also allow you to go away from your task long enough to get fresh ideas, new perspective, and clarity so that when you get back to it you can bring something new. Creativity often seeps into the cracks in our consciousness when we’re relaxed, so taking a break is beneficial.


So, let’s make 2022 better, shall we? Less pain, more fun, and increased productivity—it’s possible! We hope the tips above will help you make this year a better year. Cheers!

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