MotionGrey Brings Its Ergonomic Office Chairs to Toronto

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MotionGrey has been a leading provider of ergonomic office chairs, and Toronto is just one of the many communities we serve. We’ve been working with individuals and businesses in the community, providing high-quality office chairs to Toronto homes and offices. We have sold over 10,000 desk chairs in Toronto and have furnished over 100 offices in Canada with high-quality office chairs. We have also worked with international companies to bring high-quality and affordable ergonomic office chairs to Toronto and other Canadian communities.

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MotionGrey Ergonomic Office Chairs in Toronto: Power-Packed Features for All Types of Users

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Our office chairs are among the top products in our selection, both for their high quality and affordability.

We understand how costly desk chairs in Toronto can be. Most are offered for at least a thousand dollars, making them inaccessible to a lot of people. This is one challenge we aimed to address when we developed the idea of offering adjustable chairs for home and office use.

And now, what started as an idea is already a reality. Sourcing affordable top-quality products and developing sustainable engineering processes have enabled us to craft feature-packed chairs that we’re able to offer at an affordable rate. Our office chairs in Toronto range from as low as just over a hundred dollars to around $300 for our high-end gaming and office chairs. These are among the most affordable chairs you will find today, and all are available with top quality. We’ve worked with experts in carefully selecting the features that provide the best benefits, and now these desk chairs in Toronto are offered with free shipping, a 30-day risk-free trial, and up to 1 year of warranty coverage.

Change your habits, change your life—let these chairs help you!

Ergonomic Chairs: Real Testimonials from Real People

From mesh chairs to leather chairs, we have made available our ergonomic chairs to Toronto and other communities. And, we are grateful to all our customers who have trusted MotionGrey with their ergonomic needs.

This chair is very comfortable for long hour sittings
“We bought and assembled two chairs and both of them were amazing. It provides a comfortable height adjustment, well-cushioned seats for relaxed long hours sitting, and back support which even allows you to lean back. It's a good investment to make for such an amazing quality chair and highly recommended.”
- Parul K.
Good overall chair - helped reduce my neck and shoulder pains!
- Buying process was smooth. Received the chair within a week of ordering
- The instruction manual for set up was clear as well, and set up is fairly straighforward
- Liking the chair so far. It is comfortable and is providing the neck support I have always needed but never had before
- Shanen D.
Happy To Have Found MotionGrey
Easy assembly, good quality, and decent comfort so far. This chair beats what I tried at my local retailer. I've also purchased a desk from MotionGrey and would recommend to anyone to shop with this company.
- Christian L.

Apart from individual customers, we also provide ergonomic office chairs to Toronto businesses, helping them create a healthy environment for their employees. Here’s what some of them have to say:

"These are great chairs and handle different working postures/positions very well. The operating quality is very good. Smooth operation. No problems so far. Very happy with this service and with the knowledge of the sales representative from Motiongrey."
- Tim Brown, President of Brikers
“The reason we chose MotionGrey was their reputable and reliable products. After we spoke to the founders and CS team, we placed the order for a test and the experience was great. We have been continuing to order ever since. The products received great feedback from our employees. Everyone is loving the products and how ergonomic they are. The office chairs really helped them with their posture and reduced back pain.”
- Rajiv Khanna, CFO of BeWhere
 raincity analytics
"In seeking an ergonomic set-up for our new offices, we chose MotionGrey because we wanted to support a local company. Despite MotionGrey’s good reputation, we still managed to be pleasantly surprised - especially by the quality of their services. Delivery was prompt and company reps were friendly and met all of our needs. Most importantly, our employees love their office space. Their office chairs are reliable, easy to use and allow our team to easily change postures despite long periods of time in front of a computer screen. We highly recommend the Motiongrey experience."
- Steve Kanters, Founder & Lead Analyst of RainCity Analytics


Where to Buy Office Chairs in Toronto: A Look at Some of the Most Popular Office Chairs Today

If you’re looking for a new office chair in Toronto, here are some great options to check:

Motion AirGlide Office Chair

motion airglide office chair

Imagine a chair that will adjust to the unique needs of your body. It’s fully height adjustable, comes with complete backrest tilt control for easy shifts between serious work and some downtime, and can support all body types. It also offers completely adjustable neck support and lumbar support, both easily accessible to help you achieve the best comfort and keep your posture correct. Even better, it improves blood circulation while protecting the joints against compressive stress, all thanks to its adjustable seat tilt and recline feature.

The Airglide is practically the best office chair in Toronto, and only offered at $500 with 2 years warranty.

Motion M Series High Back - Ergonomic Office Chair

motiongrey high mesh ergonomic office chair

The M Series High Back Mesh chair offers a sophisticated ergonomic design that instantly responds to your body, movement, and posture. The lumbar support and headrests are completely removable in case you do not prefer any form of protruding support. Best of all, this budget-friendly chair has almost the same amount of ergonomic features as any of the premium ergonomic chairs.

Price: $229.99 CAD

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Motion SpaceMesh Office Chair

motion spacemesh chair

The best feature of the SpaceMesh chair is its patented 1 touch mechanism, a mechanism that allows users full control of all the chair’s features from a central location that is easily accessible and easily manageable. It’s effortless, easy, and convenient, perfect for your day-to-day grind. It’s also suitable for all heights, and it comes with 5 lockable positions that will allow you to adjust the chair from work mode to rest mode in no time.

The SpaceMesh is offered at $550 with 2 years warranty. Of the many ergonomic office chairs in Toronto, this is the right pick if you’re after easy access to all your chair comforts.

Motion CloudMesh Office Chair

cloudmesh office chair

Adjustable recline tension, 5 lockable recline positions, adjustable headrest and 4D armrest, adjustable lumbar support, backrest adjustment, and adjustable seat tilt—this long list of features make the CloudMesh office chair a definite top pick. It’s functional and easy to use on a day-to-day basis, a perfect ergonomic chair for your Toronto home or office.

The chair is offered at $460, with 2 years warranty.

Motion MS1 Office Chair

motion ms1 office chair

This office chair is what you need if you’re looking for a feature-packed office chair in Toronto that won’t break the bank. It comes equipped with all the necessary and important adjustability features—from height adjustment to backrest tilt—and all available in one budget-friendly package. It’s suitable for all heights and comes with 100% breathable mesh for comfort.

It’s offered at only $170, with 1 year warranty included.

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So, are you ready to buy an office chair in Toronto? Look no further than the options above. From information on features and budget, we hope these will be helpful in your search. Start shopping right here! We are a leading provider of office chair, gaming chair, and standing desk in Toronto. Not just Toronto, we are committed to delivering the best quality products and services across Canada. Check out our catalogue for Montreal and Calgary

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MotionGrey is a Canadian company that specializes in ergonomic furniture and accessories. We supply and install only the best-quality adjustable office desks and ergonomic chairs in the country. 

Our products are designed with wellness as the focal point. From our electric desks to our office and gaming chairs, we deliver the best value by putting your health, safety, and comfort as a top priority. Boost your creativity and level up your work performance. We want you to create great outcomes so we’re providing you only the best tools to make them possible.

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