Setting Up Your Very Own Workspace? Check Out These Easy Tips!

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After about a year of working from home and getting together with people over the internet, some organizations are starting to get ready for their employees returning to office. Are you one of those employees who can’t wait to go out and go back to the normal working setup? Or do you enjoy your workspace at home and feel the same way as the 41% of employees surveyed by PwC in August 2021 who said that they wish to continue working remotely even when the COVID-19 pandemic is over?

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If you’re part of the latter and are planning to continue with a work-from-home arrangement, we have tips for you to help you design a workspace that you will love (or to improve the one you already have). If you’re looking to go back to the office, read on and you might just get a tip or two on improving your office space.

How to Design Your Perfect Workspace

When it comes to designing your space, start with small tweaks, focusing on what’s most important and working around what you already have.

Maximize the space you have

Location—this is the first thing to check. Do you have limited space? Is the space dark, or does it have natural light? Is it well ventilated? Or is it noisy at certain times of the day?



When setting up your workspace, you want everything within reach—from your files to your office supplies, sometimes even your snacks. Make sure you have a space for all of these things so that you prevent clutter. You can use a rolling cabinet to hold all of your stuff. It’s easy to move around as needed, and the top surface can serve as a makeshift table and space to hold extra supplies. You can also use bins and boxes, and make sure you take advantage of vertical space when planning for storage.

Lighting, Noise Control, & Ventilation

Having just the right amount of light is crucial to your focus, productivity, and wellbeing. When it comes to lighting, natural light works wonders. As much as possible, arrange your workspace so that you have natural light in front of or next to your desk and computer. When adding artificial lighting, use a combination of indirect ambient light and focus light.

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If you have windows you can open, they will bring in not only light but fresh air, which is crucial. Stuffy spaces can be disruptive, so make sure you have proper ventilation in your space.

Noise is one thing you need to control and minimize, especially if your workday includes online meetings. Check if soundproofing is possible for your space. You might also need the cooperation of the members of your household to manage noise. At the very least, invest in noise-cancelling headphones for disruption-free calls and meetings.

Go for function and style

Maximizing your space also means being mindful of everything that you add to your space—each must have a function and a purpose. The good news? It’s now easy to combine function and aesthetics.

Ergonomic desk and chair

A good desk and chair are the foundation of any workspace. Whether you’re working on your computer or doing paperwork, you need a sufficient amount of desk space and a chair that can support you. Look into ergonomic design when selecting the right equipment for your workspace.

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For your desk, this means setting it at the right height so that your computer monitor is properly aligned relative to your eyesight (your eyes must be level with the top of the screen’s viewing area). For your chair, this means complete support to your back, shoulders, neck, and head, including your arms, thighs, and legs. Height adjustment is also as crucial, including recline angle.

Look for a desk with enough surface area to hold all of your stuff. A standing desk is also a good option, as it easily adjusts from a sitting to a standing position so that you can alternate your working positions for a healthier, pain-free work day. Additionally, invest in an ergonomic chair with complete support and a wide range of adjustability features to ensure that your body is fully supported.

You will find desks and chairs in different colors and styles. Choose a plain neutral color for a minimalist look, or pick one with a dash of bright spots to add a vibrant energy to your space.

Green plants

Indoor plants are not only decorative; they’re actually helpful in improving the quality of air in your space. Plus, they add a calming energy into a space, which is a perfect stress buster. The good thing about these plants is that many of them are low maintenance—you just have to pick the right ones.

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Choose from small plants that you can place on your desk, or from large plants that you can place in a corner of the room. Potted plants, hanging plants, flowery plants—there are endless options available for you.

Create a space that you will love

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Every space you move in is an extension of yourself, and this is the same with your workspace. Creating a space that speaks of your personality and style is not only pleasing aesthetically but can also serve as an inspiration to keep your creative juices flowing. How do you create a space like this?

Play with colors

Adding greens can significantly improve your space, but you can take this further by looking into fresh colors that can give your eyes much needed rest every now and then. And to break the monotony, add some bright colors in the form of paintings or crafts.

Add personal items to your space

Personalize your space by bringing in things that you love. A framed photo or an inspiring book—these can help you ‘own’ your space. Just keep in mind to do this with careful thought, adding only things that you truly love so you don’t overwhelm the space and create clutter.

So, ready to give your space a makeover? Take a close look at what you already have and see how you can arrange or rearrange to design your perfect space.

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