[VIDEO] MotionGrey Standing Desk Review

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Extra Info from Qwazyd0gg:

TL;DR - The MotionGrey Standing Desk gets a standing ovation from me. Now, I was not compensated or paid for this review, so all these thoughts are genuinely my own. And with that, I can genuinely say that this desk is worth every penny. From the smooth dual electric Bosch Motors to its clean lines, there is really very little not to link about this desk. In fact, let's talk about that first. I DO NOT like the low voltage cable grommet or its placement, and the tabletop is a little harder to keep clean than I would have liked given it is of a very high gloss finish... There, that's everything I don't like.

As far as what I do like, let me try to summarize it as quickly as possible. The height range on this thing is FANTASTIC. Ranging from 2 feet to just over 4 feet, this has more range of motion than I have seen on the market so far, especially at its given price point. The legs are exceptionally sturdy and even have adjustable feet (Forgot to mention that) underneath if your floors are uneven in order to fine-tune and level out its placement. The controls are easy to use and learn and can be placed anywhere you please on the desk. It also offers a powered USB port (Forgot to mention that too) on the side of the controller for charging accessories such as your phone or Bluetooth headset. This desk has made my YouTube "creation station" so much easier to use, which was exactly what I wanted out of a standing desk and it far exceeded my initial expectations.




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