The Best Modern Office Chairs for Your Work Space

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Office furniture doesn’t have to be boring or one-dimensional. In fact, it can incorporate design aesthetics and improve style and comfort seamlessly. If you’re in the market to improve your office furniture, chairs are an excellent place to start. Given many individuals spend a bulk of the day at their desk, chair quality and comfort are a must.  

Have you been spending hours researching? Have you gotten lost in all the reviews and descriptions? Shopping for the best modern office chairs online doesn’t have to be a challenge. We’ve put together a simple guide that breaks down the best products in the market. 

4 Most Popular Modern Office Chairs 

When shopping for chairs, there is a barrage of features to look for. From being ergonomic to having much-needed lumbar support, chairs are critical to any office. Below, we go over the top four models in the market today and why you should consider them for your next office purchase. 

MotionGrey Office Chair

MotionGrey M2 Executive Ergonomic Chair

Featuring a sophisticated design, the Motion Grey Ergonomic Executive Chair is perfect for any office. This office chair is responsive, providing unrivaled support for your body. It adjusts to your movements and helps improve posture. The chair also allows for swivel, manual adjustment for height, and is available in stylish black leather.

What sets this chair apart from others in the market? Aside from the breathable leather, it's the natural ergonomic property for spine alignment. Do you suffer from back pain throughout your workday? This chair can ease the discomfort, delivering unsurpassed support. With gorgeous design, soft seating and support, this is the epitome of executive chairs.


With this chair, you’ll receive amazing properties. These include things like soft, breathable leather with a stylish design. However, you may be shocked by the price tag. At $139, MotionGrey’s Ergonomic Executive Chair is incredibly affordable. Hands down, this is an excellent pick.

Herman Miller Office Chair

Herman Miller Aeron Office Chair 

Sleek and stylish. These are how some would describe the Herman Miller Aeron Office Chair. Made in the U.S.A, the Aeron office chair pioneered the ergonomic design. To date, this is still one of the most recognized chairs in the market. What many individuals love about it is the superior support. The Aeron office chair features a form-fitting design and better ventilation over other models. 

With an adjustable tilt, users can effortlessly lean forward or recline for those that like more back support. The Aeron also features a high, wide back. Not only does it provide ample support but balance as well. The seat tapers out, allowing for added structure and comfort. The front edge rolls forward, which eliminates pressure and provides better blood circulation.


A heavyweight in the industry, Herman Miller carries a certain level of sophistication. Along with its polished look, the Aeron chair comes in at a hefty price tag. Not for the faint of heart, the average cost of a Size B Medium is $995.

Knoll ReGeneration Office Chair

Knoll ReGeneration Office Chair

The Knoll ReGeneration Office Chair offers a delicate weaved back and cushioned seat. It is perfect for those looking for simplicity. The ReGeneration chair minimizes many components of office seating. It delivers a straightforward design using durable materials. You might assume the chair suffers in other areas; users say they have a good mixture of support and comfort throughout the day. 

With this model, you’ll find the chair moves with your natural movements. There is a certain feeling of freedom allotted with a slim profile and contoured frame. This office chair also features flex seating. With three sides and a depth adjustment, individuals can create a perfect environment for long days at the job. One of the best features of the chair is its dynamic suspension. This valuable feature compensates for weight, allowing for smooth recline, not limiting mobility. 


In between the cost-effective pricing of the MotionGrey M2 Executive and the pricey Herman Miller Aeron lies the Knoll Regeneration. A suburb combination of style, design, and comfort, you can expect to pay $487 for a brand new model.

HAG Capisco Puls

Capisco Puls By HAG

HAG is well known for its design and ergonomic offerings. It is regarded as one of the most famous motion seating companies in the market. The Capisco Puls personifies everything HAG is about. The Capisco Puls, upon first glance, appears more like a gaming chair. While this can be one use, it is also perfect for professional or home office use.

The Capisco Puls has more flexibility. It responds well to movements. Active sitting with support is something you will notice with this chair in particular. You can be in a continuous motion without having to work so hard. 


Built for quality and durability, HAG’s lineup of office chairs is something to take note of. Their design flexibility allows users to be more in control. With all these features combined, you may wonder if there is a hefty price tag. The Ergonomic line averages $549-$799. HAG covers its entire line with a generous 10-year limited warranty. 

What to look for in a modern office chair?

Shopping for an office chair can be difficult. Though we have highlighted unique brands to look for, you should also be aware of features that can make or break your experience. Below we go into a few of the key features you may want to consider while shopping for your new office chair. 

Width and height

The width and height are essential for several reasons. Factoring that there are many body types, the width and weight of the chair are critical. Choosing a chair based on your body type will net the best results. The height of a chair, as well as its width, can conform to your body, providing added support. 

Lumbar support

Anyone that spends hours in an office chair needs lumbar support. With adequate  support, your posture can improve. Lumbar support allows the spine to rest in its correct alignment naturally, leading to less back pain throughout the day. If you suffer from daily back pain, it would be worth to consider an office chair with adequate lumbar support. Chairs with added features for personalization are incredibly popular.

office chair


No one's body is created the same. Because of this, having a chair that is adjustable is truly important. Chairs can have a multitude of functions. Adjustable options enlist better responses from users. From being able to adjust the height, to the base width of the seat, to lumbar support - the more options available, the better.

Swivel base

Do you want absolute freedom in motion? A swivel base allows the user to move in a 360° movement. This is perfect for multitaskers or those with larger workspaces. Usually, chairs are offered with or without a swivel base.


Depending on your office, you may have area limitations. With certain area factors, wheelbase can become a massive part of the shopping criteria. Some chairs have a larger wheelbase, making them more cumbersome and difficult to fit in tighter areas. Other chairs have narrower wheelbases that are perfect for smaller spaces. Narrower wheelbases lack the control of a chair with a more generous wheelbase. Usually, 17 to 20 inches is adequate.

Seat material

Cloth, leather, cushions, metal, and plastic. These are a few of the options available for seat materials. Typically, choosing a durable material such as those listed above can result in the longevity of your office chair. While the seat material is more of a personal choice, it's worth noting that each has its own benefits. Leather is typically softer. Cloth is more affordable and durable. Meanwhile, metal and plastic can provide a stylish, clean look.

The importance of using a good chair

Researching the best chairs in the market is not a waste of time. For those that spend hours in their office, having an excellent chair can make a huge difference in your quality of life. Not only is it more comfortable, but it can also help you improve your productivity.

ergonomic office chair

With long-term sitting, many problems can develop. Those that are sedentary for the majority of the day are likely to gain more weight. They may have circulation issues, as well as joint and muscle pains. An ergonomic chair can solve the problem. It provides better support for posture and spinal alignment. Some chairs can also provide less force on your thighs, allowing for improved blood circulation.

Remember that when shopping for a new office chair, always look at all the features. When shopping online, it’s a good idea to look at height, width, controls, support, ergonomics, and price. Check out the different options we mentioned above and see if one of the chairs will work for you.

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