The Best Standing Desk Companies in Canada

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Looking for a standing desk and the right provider for you? You’ve got great options!

Standing desks are still fairly new in the market, and there are still people who are not sure how many companies in Canada have standing desks and which companies are these. The truth is that there are so many Canadian standing desk companies to choose from; all you need to do is find the one that will match your needs with products that will give you the best value. 

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In this blog post, we’ll share with you 5 companies that are taking the lead in various facets when it comes to the ergonomic and standing desk market. Are you ready?

Top 5 Canadian Standing Desk Companies

Here we’ll take a look at the different unique offerings of these 5 companies, from their origin to the value they provide.


Made in Canada, Shipped from Canada

If you’re looking for purely Canadian products, then Ergonofis is a brand to consider. The company is founded in 2015 by Samuel and Kimberley in an effort to find balance between prolonged sitting and prolonged standing. The result is a height-adjustable desk that soon evolved into various types of products.

Standing desks remain the main product offering of Ergonofis, with 3 distinct product categories—the Shift, the Sway, and the Alive standing desks. One of the cool features is the anti-fingerprint property of its Shift desks. Meanwhile, the other 2 desks pride themselves for their local wood construction.

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Ergonomic benefits you can afford

If there is one thing that makes MotionGrey a leading Canadian standing desk company, it’s in its efforts to bring the standing desks to as many people who need them as possible. Standing desks can be pretty expensive, especially in the past when only a few people could afford them—your regular desks can go for about a thousand dollars.

Founded by Andy and Alex in 2016, MotionGrey offers the most affordable high-quality standing desks in Canada, almost half (or even lower) compared to the standing desks you will find in the market. It's also among the very few standing desk providers that equips its desks with German motors known that are known for their power and durability. The M Series, its flagship desk, is equipped with high-quality Bosch motors and offered at only around $500, perfect for those looking for ergonomic solutions that won’t break their budget.

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One of the newest standing desk providers in the Canadian market

The need for standing desks became even bigger when the pandemic hit and people were confined in their homes, working remotely. Many realized their regular desk and chair won’t cut it; an ergonomic and highly adjustable desk is needed to make working for hours convenient. Effydesk came into the market during this time, and it’s been going well since then.

Aside from its home and office desks, the brand also offers an L-shaped Executive Desk for those that need more space. Among its advocacies is going eco-friendly with what it calls its “Closed Loop Collection” in one of its desk lines, the Terra Desk that is made from almost 11,000 recycled chopsticks.

Effydesk Standing Desk


US brand gaining foot in Canada

For those who are looking for a US brand for their standing desk needs, Flexispot is one of the providers you will find. We’ve chosen this brand to highlight as one of the top standing desk companies in Canada because it’s one of the providers that make shipping standing desks from abroad so much cheaper compared to other providers.

Flexispot offers a wide array of ergonomic products—not only desks and chairs but also beds and related accessories. In terms of desks, it has both fixed height desks and height-adjustable standing desks. It also offers desk bikes for those who want to take work health to a whole new level.

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All-around online store

Everybody knows Amazon—it carries almost everything you need on the planet, including standing desks. Here you’ll find unlimited number of standing desk brands and desks of varying types, sizes, and prizes.

If you prefer to get your desk from Amazon, it is advised to still check the brand directly for complete features. Do comparisons in order to find the right desk for you.


So, which standing desks should you go for? Well, if you are looking for a combination of quality and affordability, you can't go wrong with the MotionGrey standing desks. They have all the features you need at a price you can afford. If you're after purely Canadian-made desks, you might want to consider an Ergonofis desk. Or if it's the opposite and you're looking for something outside of Canada, you may check out the Flexispot desks. Meanwhile, if it's L-shaped desks that you are looking for, check the standing desks from Effydesk. Look into your space and your specific activities and needs before making the decision. And remember, quality doesn't need to be costly. Shop wisely!

And now that you’ve gone through our quick list of standing desk companies in Canada, it’s time to make the next step…

3 Things to Check When Shopping for a Standing Desk in Canada

Before you go for any standing desk, make sure to look into the following:


Look for adjustability features such as height range, including number of lockable points available and how easy it is to set these height points. Check if you are going for a single motor or a dual motor, and look into the lift capacity of the desk to see whether it can handle the amount of stuff you plan to place on it.

Other items you may want to look into are the lifting speed and noise. And of course, check to see if you want a plain table top or if you’re looking for a more stylish, maybe a bit more colorful top, to go with the theme you want to create for your space.

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Standing desk warranty coverage can be as short as 3 years or as long as 15 years. Most people want longer coverage, and for good reason. Nobody wants to spend extra on replacement parts when warranty can cover it. The lifespan of a standing desk can range from 5 to 30 years, depending on factors such as regular use.

One thing you’d want to do is to check whether the warranty covers everything or if there is a separate warranty for the frame and a different one for the top (usually shorter coverage). And, check the corresponding price equivalent.


Nowadays, you can get a standing desk for as low as $200, but the lower the better is not always true. After all, it’s best to invest a slightly higher amount on a top-quality desk than to shell out a small amount for an inferior desk, only to find yourself needing a replacement after a few months or years.

The best thing to do is to compare the price while also looking at the features and warranty. The best combination will give you the best choice.

Are you ready to shop? Go for the best standing desk company in Canada and find a product with the right combination of features, warranty, and price to get the perfect desk for you!

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