The Different Types of Standing Desk Top You Need to Know About

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Did you know that people invest in standing desks not only for their ergonomic property but also for the stylish and elegant design they give a space? That’s true! A standing desk can give any room a modern look, and it’s easy to customize your space when you get the right desk.

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You can attribute the elegance of a standing desk to different factors. First is the design. Apart from the regular rectangular desk, you will also find an L-shaped standing desk that will give you not just extra desk space but create a professional, executive look in your space. The desk paint, whether white or black or something else, will also affect the overall vibe you have in your office—a clean look or a formal look, or maybe something that speaks of your personality, it’s all possible with the right standing desk.

One other thing that can affect the look of your space is the standing desk top, the part of the desk with the biggest surface and the most visible in your space. The right desk top will create the right energy in the room, and the good thing about it is that you have tons of options when it comes to a standing desk top.

Choosing the Standing Desk Top that Is Right for You

Below are some of the four desk top types you will find in standing desks:

MDF Wood Standing Desk Top

This is perhaps the most common desk top of all those available out there. The website defines MDF or Medium-Density Fiberboard as “an engineered wood product that combines wood fibers, resin, and wax. This combination provides a flat board with multiple uses in furniture and other home décor applications.”

MDF wood is perhaps the most commonly used material in the crafting of standing desk tops, and it is popular for both its simplicity and sturdiness. Most of the standing desks you will find here at MotionGrey are made from high-quality MDF wood, and they are not only tough but also elegant looking, offered in different desk colors to create just the right look you want for your space. 

handmade solid hard wood top

Solid Wood Standing Desk Top

This type of standing desk top is for users who are willing to spend a bit more for a desk that can handle even the harshest conditions and will stay hardy and goodlooking throughout the ages. Hardwood has a distinct color and pattern that speak unmatchable quality, and it is ideal if you want to create a look of quality and power in your space.

Here at MotionGrey, we offer a solid hard wood desk top that boasts not only of quality but a handmade design by a partner local artist. We value local talent and products, and these are the promise of every MotionGrey handmade solid wood top standing desk. Distinct design and premium quality—you get both with this desk.

Sustainable Standing Desk Top

For eco-conscious users, we know that random wood will not do. And the good news—you can find standing desks that will support your love for Mother Earth. There are desks made from recycled wood, built to salvage materials that would have added waste to our already polluted earth.

Here at MotionGrey, we have our ChopValue standing desks that are crafted out of recycled chopsticks. This type of desk hits two birds with one stone. One, the chopsticks are sourced from local restaurants, so we are able to support local businesses in this way by helping them dispose of their chopsticks. Two, giving these chopsticks a second life reduces the amount of trash we produce every day, thus contributing to efforts towards caring for the planet.

The entire process of creating these standing desks is carbon-negative, and this is one thing you may want to look into aside from material. If you are looking to support eco-friendly companies, you might also look into such things as the end-to-end process they follow in building their desks, from wood harvesting to shipping, as well as the packaging they use, among others.

chopvalue standing desk

Customized Standing Desk Top

You have your practical standing desk top, the sturdy top, and the sustainable desk top. You also have the customized standing desk top for those who want a unique style that speaks of their personality and taste.

One of the most unique tops in our line-up of standing desks here at MotionGrey is the Epoxy Table Top! Made from a combination of hardwood and epoxy resin, this type of standing desk top creates an outdoorsy and adventurous look that will definitely give any space a unique character. Definitely a high end choice!

So which of the standing desk tops mentioned above are you interested in? These desk tops range differently in terms of price, but all are good in quality and designed with practical aesthetics. Pick the one for you and enjoy a unique piece in your space.

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