Top Non-Office Professions That Keep You on Your Feet (Literally!)

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Interesting fact: do you know that most of the highest paying jobs in the US are office jobs? That’s six out of seven jobs according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. No wonder most people these days work in the office, sitting in front of their computer for eight hours or more every day. And with this increase in number is the corresponding increase in health diseases caused by a sedentary lifestyle—diabetes, heart problems, back pain. While physical and manual jobs may initially appear more dangerous to the body, sedentary jobs are in fact silently harming the body. And the effects can be long term.

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So how do you deal with this? Well, two ways. If you have the option, find jobs that are not chair- and computer-bound. And if that’s not an option, then find a way to move more. Both of these we will touch on in this article.

Take a look at the top five jobs that will keep you active

Some of these occupations may have increased desk component due to the pandemic, but they’re among the most active prior to the current limitations that are in place now.



Inside the classroom, teachers are usually on their feet in front of a class. Not only are they on their feet most of the time, but they are also physically active—teaching, doing demos of processes and lessons, and talking. Outside of the classroom when not working on lesson plans, they meet with parents and colleagues, as well as engage in school programs and activities.

Fitness Instructors and Trainers

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They help people become physically active, and in the process they keep themselves physically active, too. These instructors and trainers handle day-to-day fitness activities to help clients meet their fitness goals. They do the exercise, lift heavy weights, and are typically on their feet for a large part of their day.

Event Planners

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The main function of event planners is coordination and organization, and in the process they are everywhere. They meet with clients, with vendors and suppliers, and they live a fast-paced, often deadline-driven, lives. Event planners are multitaskers, both mentally and physically. They juggle a lot of tasks, and this keeps them on their feet for most of the time.

Medical Practitioners


From nurses to doctors to therapists, these occupations call for a lot of face-to-face client and patient interactions (even during the pandemic, or even more so today), keeping them occupied and away from their desk.



There are different types of technicians working in various fields, from the field of electronics to that of medicine. They are on call and have a specialized set of skills. They operate machines, build and reassemble parts, and their work often takes them outside the office.

These five jobs are just a few of the many other non-desk jobs that involve lots of movement and physical activity. Unfortunately, they make up a smaller percentage of the job market compared to many other jobs that are desk in nature and involve sitting in front of the computer for most of the time.

The good news is, there is hope for office employees who spend most of their time in a desk.

Here’s how you can break your sedentary routine if you’re working a desk job

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  • Take a short break and stand up from your desk every 20 minutes. This makes a big difference in keeping your muscles active.
  • Stand while you work. Alternate between sitting and standing. Invest in a standing desk to allow yourself to work both seated and in a standing position.
  • Keep moving by doing regular exercise. Run, go to the gym, or do stretches at home before and after work.
  • Design your environment for movement. Start by dressing in clothes that allow you to move freely. Then, rearrange your workspace so that it’s easy to move around and reach for things. Get an ergonomic chair that will not only offer support but allow you to freely move.
  • Conduct standing meetings. Not all meetings have to be conducted in a conference room with everyone seated. You can hold standing meetings to encourage colleagues to stand and move.

So, ready to settle on the right job for you? Or, maybe simply decide to take the needed steps to add movement to your current job, no matter what it is, to keep yourself healthy. The good news—you have options! 

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