Top Summer Health Conditions to Watch Out For

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Summer is here—yay! Are you excited for your planned summer adventures, your scheduled major home improvement projects, or other big activities you’re preparing for? Fun is just around the corner, but make sure you are in top shape to fully enjoy all your summer plans.


Common Summer Health Risks 

Summer is a time of fun, but watch out for some health risks that are commonly associated with this season of heat and the sun—such as the following: 

Heat stroke, dehydration, and sunburn

Perhaps the most common due to the heat, these three conditions range from the simpler to the more serious. Heat stroke is found to be one of the main causes of mortality among teenagers and young adults, and it is common during summer because of the high temperature.

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As the temperature climbs, make sure to watch out for dehydration, sunburn, and heat stroke. Avoid going outside in the middle of the day when the temperature tends to be at its highest. And before you go out, make sure to lather on sunscreen. Load on water wherever you go. And, know the signs of these conditions so you can cool down when you feel your temperature is climbing.

Conditions associated with bug bites

Not only is a bug bite intensely uncomfortable, especially during summer when heat and sweat can irritate the bites, but it can also cause certain illnesses brought by the bacteria and viruses that many bugs carry with them. West Nile Virus and Lyme Disease, among others, are just some of the conditions you need to watch out for when bitten by bugs.


The best prevention is to not get bitten in the first place. When going outside, especially if you are traveling somewhere mosquitoes are common, make sure to apply mosquito repellent and wear pants and long sleeves. 


They are most common during the spring, but allergies are also pretty prevalent during summer. Aside from the fact that some bug bites can trigger some serious allergy, pollen and molds are also common allergy causes. And while they may be unavoidable because many are airborne, you can prepare for allergy attacks by having your medication ready during this season.

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Don’t let health conditions spoil the fun of the summer season. The trick is to be ready and to be aware of the things you must be ready for. With readiness, no health condition can disrupt your summer zen. Have a great season!

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