Underdesk Elliptical Machine vs Mini Pedal Bike: Which One is Right for You?

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Are you looking for a way to move more and get more exercise even as you work? There are many ways to accomplish this goal.

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You can get a standing desk so you can alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day as you work. You can also try a walking pad. And did you know you can do some workout even while you are seated? That’s what the underdesk elliptical machine and the mini pedal bike are built for.

Both of these compact machines are designed for lower impact exercise compared to their full counterparts, and these are built for use in offices and homes. If you are looking for a simple machine that can add movement to your day, these are ideal options. Now the next question—how do you know which machine is right for you? We’ll take a look at the differences and both their advantages and disadvantages in this blog post.

The Differences Between an Underdesk Elliptical Machine and a Mini Pedal Bike

Before we move into the differences between these two exercise machines, let us first take a look at their similarities, as follow:

  • They are both compact and can be placed under the desk
  • Both are primarily designed to stimulate the legs, although they can be used for other muscle exercises
  • Both are designed for use even as you work or do other tasks on your desk

Now that we have identified some of the similarities, let us look into the differences.

The primary difference between an underdesk elliptical machine and a mini pedal bike is the range of movement of each and the variation in the type of exercise that you can do using them.

An under desk elliptical machine moves up and down, as well as front and back, and it will allow you to simulate the movement of walking, or even running, depending on your speed. It works by providing a level of resistance to your legs, which is what keeps the muscles working.

On the other hand, a mini pedal bike works by creating a cycling motion, much like a regular stationary bike does. This cycling motion provides the stimulation needed by the leg muscles without the strain and pressure from a regular gym bike.

Both machines will allow low impact exercise that will give you the muscle stimulation you need while taking care of your joints and bones.

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Which Should You Get: An Underdesk Elliptical Machine or a Mini Pedal Bike?

Now that we’ve looked into the similarities and differences between these two exercise equipment, it’s time to ask the question—which one is right for you? The answer will vary according to your needs, your goals, and your space.

Workout Intensity and Range

Are you looking for an equipment that will offer a more intense workout? One that can be used by more muscle groups? Or are you a beginner and wants something lighter, simpler, or more focused on your legs alone? These are questions to ask when deciding between an underdesk elliptical machine and a mini pedal bike.

A mini pedal bike is straightforward and creates only a singular motion, which is that of cycling. Meanwhile, an under desk elliptical machine can offer a more varied movement because of its design. By mimicking the movement of walking or running, you get a wider range of motion and thus able to engage more muscles as you do the exercise.

However, a mini pedal bike offers a different advantage in that it can be used not only by the legs but also the arms. Simply place it on an elevated surface so you can give your arms and upper body some workout. In terms of the level of workout provided, an underdesk elliptical machine offers higher intensity compared to a mini pedal bike.

If you are looking for something to simply help you keep moving while you work, then a mini pedal bike is recommended. However, it you want a more challenging workout with adjustable resistance levels, an underdesk elliptical machine may be more suitable for your needs.


Although both the under desk elliptical machine and the mini pedal bike are designed to be space saving, they have some variations in built and size.

If you have a limited space, a mini pedal bike might be a better option as it is smaller and more portable. You can easily slide it under a desk or tuck it away when not in use. On the other hand, an underdesk elliptical machine may require a little more space due to its larger size.

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The design of an underdesk elliptical machine and a mini pedal bike affects not only the capability and level of exercise that they provide and the amount of space they need but also the comfort of their users.

Mini pedal bikes often come with a strap that holds the feet in place to prevent slipping. But while this strap is helpful in ensuring safety, some users might find them restricting—or even uncomfortable—especially those who may have bigger feet. In contrast, under desk elliptical machines provide enough free space for any size of feet, allowing easier adjustment and foot movement. Because they allow some variation in the position of the feet, it is also easy to find a position that will target different muscle groups in the legs when exercising using them.


Lastly, if budget is a factor when deciding between the two options given, then you might want to know that in general, mini pedal bikes are more affordable compared to underdesk elliptical machines. However, it’s important to remember that budget need not be your primary determining factor when shopping—there are affordable options for either the mini pedal bikes or the underdesk elliptical machines. And, you don’t have to sacrifice the quality for the price.

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