Upper Back Pain from Sitting at Desk: How to Alleviate It

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When it comes to back pain, most people talk about lower back pain—it is the more common condition and one that most people suffer from. However, upper back pain is not something you can ignore. It afflicts about 10% of men and 20% of women, reducing people’s quality of life. 


So how do you address and eliminate upper back pain? If you have been experiencing upper back pain from sitting at your desk, it’s important to go back to the possible cause of the said condition. And there may be several causes, from your own lifestyle to the quality of the equipment and furniture that you use at work.

Check out some possible ways to get relief from upper back pain

Let’s start with some changes in your lifestyle:

Improve Your Sitting Posture 

How do you define good posture? Well, start with the basics—sit with your back straight and your shoulders relaxed. Stay in a natural sitting position on your chair, a position that will help maintain the natural curve of your spine.

Stretch, Move, and Take Regular Breaks at Work

Exercise may not be enough when it comes to getting the right amount of movement in your day-to-day schedule. It’s important to also find small ways to move naturally. At work, get up and move around every 30 minutes to relieve tension in your upper back. Even a short walk around the office can help, so find ways to get up from your chair and move. 

You can also perform simple stretches to relieve tension in your upper back, neck, and shoulders. You can do some simple and small exercises on your desk and chair throughout the day. Some good stretches include the shoulder blade squeeze, the chin tuck, and the chest stretch. 

Now that we’ve talked about lifestyle changes, let’s go into making positive changes in your working environment:

Stay Active 

One of the possible causes of your upper back pain is a sedentary lifestyle. If most of your time is spent hunched over your desk working or on your computer playing games, or slouched on your couch watching television, back pain will most likely result. 

Address the problem by doing regular exercise and engaging in physical activities that help stimulate your body. Choose exercises that strengthen upper back muscles.


Invest in Ergonomic Equipment

Poorly designed desks and chairs are among the most common causes of back pain, so one of the first things to do would be to check the quality and condition of the desks and chairs you are using in the office. Another thing to consider is to invest in ergonomic accessories, from keyboard to your PC mouse, to reduce strain on your upper back and shoulders as you type for the whole day.

Use a Standing Desk

In relation to the previous point, consider using a standing desk. This desk will help you add movement to your day by helping you alternate between sitting and standing as you work. Electric standing desks are designed with a keypad that you can use to adjust the desk height so you can shift from sitting to standing with ease and comfort.

The MotionGrey standing desk is a high-quality investment that you can add to your workspace to replace your fixed desk and make adding movement to your day easier. This standing desk is made from high-quality materials, with strong Bosch motors that operate smoothly and quietly. 

Get a Lumbar Support Cushion

Pairing your standing desk with a high-quality adjustable chair will ensure that seated or standing, you can be comfortable. An ergonomic chair will be able to provide you with the support you need for your back to alleviate upper back pain from sitting at your desk

However, you can get additional support from your chair with a lumbar support cushion. It’s a chair addition that can help you maintain proper posture and keep your back in its natural shape even as you sit for longer hours.

When it comes to alleviating upper back pain from sitting at your desk, you need to both change your lifestyle and improve the space in which you work. Consider any or all of the tips mentioned above to finally say goodbye to back pain and enjoy a high quality of life.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the top ergonomic accessories that can help alleviate upper back pain from sitting at a desk?
  • As has been mentioned above, the first thing to consider is a lumbar support cushion. Although this cushion is typically placed on the lower back, the posture correction that it provides will be able to address even upper back pain. If you feel the pain may be caused by straining your neck to look at your monitor, then check your monitor height and placement. One accessory you can invest in is a set of monitor arms. This will reposition your computer monitor to help keep you from straining your neck and alleviate pain on the neck, shoulders, and upper back. 

  • What type of chair should I get for upper back pain relief?
  • When searching for an ergonomic chair for upper back pain relief, consider three things: the chair’s lumbar support, headrest, and armrest. Find a chair with a built-in adjustable lumbar support to allow your back to retain its natural posture. A chair with a headrest will also provide extra support to the neck and head, including the upper back, especially for those crunch days when you have to work on your chair for long hours. Lastly, make sure you get a chair with high quality armrests, those that you can easily adjust to support your arms when you type so you don’t put extra strain on your upper back muscles.

  • What habits contribute to back pain?
  • Apart from poor posture and prolonged sitting, there are certain factors that contribute to back pain, primary of which are physical activities that are more than we can handle–such as lifting or pushing and pulling heavy equipment incorrectly. Stress and anxiety can also cause back pain, so watch how you handle and deal with all those pressure-filled moments in your days. Not moving enough, not getting exercise–all of these are leading cause of both upper and lower back pain. You may also need to check your weight, as this is a back pain factor. And if you smoke, this can contribute to the condition, too. 

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