What is the Best Walking Pad?

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Shopping for a walking pad for your standing desk? The options are endless! Walking pads are offered with a variety of features and benefits, each one designed to help users move, walk, and run even as they do their day-to-day work. If you’re shopping for the best walking pad, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve talked extensively about walking pads in our previous blog posts and what their benefits are, and we also offer a walking pad for standing desk pairing. This will work perfectly with the MotionGrey standing desk, or with any standing desk, for that matter.

So how do you find the best walking pad? We have a few recommendations below, so keep reading. However, before you can find the right walking pad for your standing desk, it’s important that you understand what specific pad features you need and what kind of benefits you are interested in. We’ll help you with that in this blog post.

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What Makes the Best Walking Pad?

Different walking pads have different features, so you need to understand the features that are important to you so you can find the walking pad that has exactly those features. Below, we’ve outlined three of the most important features you might want to consider when shopping for a walking pad.

So you can run, not just walk: A wide speed range

Different walking pads offer different speeds, and this determines how much you can do when using the pad. Higher speeds mean that you can do more intense workout on the pad, like a proper run. Meanwhile, if the speed is limited, you will also be limited to a walk, or perhaps a light jog or run.

It’s important to understand your need. Are you a beginner? If you are, you won’t likely be keen on running heavily at this point. However, if you are looking to build a progressing fitness routine using your walking pad, then getting one with higher speeds is preferable.

So you can have colleagues and friends use the pads, too: A high weight capacity

The same way walking pads have different speeds, they also have different weight capacities—some can carry more load than others. If you have a shared workspace and several colleagues using the same desk and will likely share the same walking pad, you may need to consider the weight of other users. If there are users who are bigger than you, make sure that you choose a pad that can handle higher load.

So you can run comfortably and build the habit easily: A high-quality running belt

The belt of a walking pad affects both your comfort and safety, as well as the longevity of the pad. Invest in one that is strong enough to withstand the daily stress brought by the contact between your feet and the belt surface. In the same way, find a walking pad with a belt capable of absorbing the shock and pressure brought by the contact between your feet and the belt surface. This will ensure your joints and muscles are protected from the pressure of walking or running.

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The Top 3 Walking Pads

Now that you know the top three features to look for in a walking pad for standing desk, it’s time to check out your options!

The MotionGrey Eco Slim Walking Pad

What we like best: The MotionGrey walking pad for standing desk is so slim it can fit practically anywhere. It’s a perfect for a standing desk because it can easily slide underneath after use. If you have some stuff underneath the desk, this walking pad can also fit under a couch or under your bed. Storage and safekeeping are never a problem because of its space-saving design.

Other Awesome Features

Speed Range: 1-8 km/h

Weight Capacity: Up to 265 lbs

Belt: The walking pad features a textured surface that provides a strong grip and significantly reduces risks of slipping and falling.

In addition, the motor of the pad is quiet. It comes with a remote control for easy operation and an LED display that shows the important stats (such as number of steps taken and calories burned) to help you monitor your progress. The pad also features Bluetooth connection, so you can do more while doing your workout!

Price: $299.99 CAD

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Egofit Walker Pro Walking Pad

What we like best: This walking pad for standing desk comes with a 5% incline, a feature seldom found in walking pads. This is perfect for those who have been using walking pads for a while or are generally active. Incline in the walking pad means a more intense workout. However, be cautioned that if you are new to walking pad use or you are not really active in general, then you might want to take it easy and choose a simpler walking pad.

Other Awesome Features

Speed: Up to 5 km/h

Weight Capacity: Up to 242.5 lbs

Belt: This Egofit walking pad for standing desk comes with a patented walking traction control system that helps in ensuring safety for all users.

This Egofit products markets itself as the smallest and lightest treadmill in the market. It is smaller compared to most walking pads available today, making it compact and easy to store and move around. The incline feature adds a punch into the workout, although in general this is not as powerful as the MotionGrey walking pad, with lower speed and lower weight capacity.

Price: $894.84


What we like best: This walking pad for standing desk comes with a simple and straightforward design, equipped with all the basic features. It is very lightweight, so moving it around is easy for any user.

Other Awesome Features

Speed: Up to 6 km/h

Weight Capacity: Up to 265 lbs

This product is one of the more affordable of the walking pads in the market, comparable to MotionGrey in that it is also offered below $300. It also shows promise in its weight capacity, although it is not as powerful as the MotionGrey walking pad. However, it’s as space saving in that it is not only lightweight but also slim.

Price: $289.99

Have you identified the features that are important to you in a walking pad for your standing desk? If you have, look through the options we shared above, from low-range to high-range walking pads in terms of power and price. Start your shopping right here! Check the MotionGrey Eco Slim walking pad and see if it’s right for you!

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