Ask MotionGrey: How Do I Set the Right Height for My Standing Desk?

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Getting a standing desk to make alternating between sitting and standing easier is the first step to designing a healthier lifestyle at work. The goal is to keep moving, to not stay seated or standing for too long—too much of both is harmful to your health.

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The next step to this is to set your desk to the correct height. It’s not enough that you are working at a standing desk; your body must be in a position that will support standing without causing harm and discomfort. You can only achieve this by setting the desk to its proper height.

Now, how do you set the correct standing desk height?

The primary reference is your elbow. When working on a computer, your elbow is bent at an angle. The ideal angle is 90 degrees.

To get a picture of just how high the desk must go, imagine yourself standing in a relaxed position with your hands and arms hanging down your side. Then, bend your arms at the elbow in a 90-degree angle. The desk height must be such that the palm of your hands will touch the desk top surface while it is in this position.

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Granted, we don’t live in a perfect world and a 90-degree angle may not be achievable at all times. As a general rule, you can set the desk height slightly lower but make sure not to set it higher as this is more harmful to the wrists and hands. Of course, nothing beats the exact angle. And while we said we don’t live in a perfect world, there is a way to still achieve this—through an adjustable electric standing desk.

Why an electric standing desk?

You’ll find standing desks of varying types today.

  • Fixed standing desks set to a given height.
  • Manual adjustable desks that you can adjust via a crank.
  • Electric standing desks operated by a motor.

The first type, the fixed desk, has no room for adjustment—and the chances of matching it with your height is slim.

The second type, the manual standing desk, is so much better than the first, but it’s not perfect. For one, it can be inconvenient to constantly adjust the desk with the crank—especially if the desk is used by different people of different heights. Every time you use it, it could be set to a different height by the previous user and you’d have to manually adjust it by turning the crank. Again, inconvenient.

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An electric standing desk is a vast improvement from the manual type. Operated by a motor, it provides a specific height range, and all you have to do is find your height within that range, set it, and just press a button to access this height the next time you need to use the desk.

The good thing about an electric desk is that you can save your preset height so that you only need to press one button in order to set the desk to your preferred height every time. This is beneficial for desks used by different users, as well as for women who may be wearing flat shoes one day, and then high heels the next day, causing a difference in their height. It’s convenient, simple, and easy to use.

Apart from desk height, check your monitor placement and angle.

Your standing posture and overall work health are not only affected by your desk height—the placement of your computer monitor also has an effect on these.


  • Monitor distance: The distance of your monitor from you should not be less than the length of your arm from the tip of the fingers to your elbows.
  • Monitor height and tilt angle: The monitor must be placed somewhere between your eye level to 30 degrees below your line of sight.

Keeping this in mind, you can work more comfortably without having to deal with stiff muscles and eye strain.

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