What Makes a Standing Desk Ergonomic?

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Many health professionals today have recognized the importance that ergonomics plays in people’s health. Apart from good diet, the right amount of sleep, and mental wellbeing, the right amount of movement is also important in keeping people healthy and well. And with research now showing that exercise is not enough to offset the long periods of sitting that most people go through these days, natural movement is more important than ever.

This is the reason the standing desk has become a key element of every workspace. It’s an ergonomic solution designed to give people an opportunity to move more without taking extra time and effort.

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But what makes the standing desk tick? Read on to find out.

Three Things that Make a Standing Desk Effective as an Ergonomic Solution

Unlike a traditional fixed desk, an electric standing desk is designed to move across different heights. Operated by a motor, the desk can travel from sitting to standing height.

Its adjustability

The adjustability of the desk is the primary reason it is effective as an ergonomic solution. By being adjustable, it allows a user to use it sitting or standing, encouraging a regular shift between these two positions so that users like you will remain constantly moving. This constant and regular movement can reduce or eliminate back pain, improve both blood and oxygen circulation, and help reduce risks of chronic diseases like heart problems and type 2 diabetes.

Its wide height range

An adjustable standing desk often comes with a specific height range, and this height range determines the types of users for whom the desk will be a great fit. Some desks are built for taller users, with a height range reaching as high as 51”. Others are designed for shorter users, the height range going as low as 22”. The best standing desks are those with a wider height range, meaning they can go very high, or very low, accommodating more users.

The design of the table top

You might be wondering—how can table top design affect ergonomics? Well, ergonomics encompasses a wide range of factors, and these include a person’s ability to have everything he needs at work to be within easy reach. When it comes to a standing desk, you have your regular rectangular desk. Apart from that, you will find two other common types of desks that help enable easy reach for users:

  • The curved standing desk. This design positions users closer to a large surface area of the desk, thus bringing him closer to all the equipment he needs as he works.
  • The L-shaped standing desk. This provides users with a bigger surface area for their work equipment and materials, allowing everything to be within easy reach as needed.

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All the three things mentioned above make a standing desk ergonomic. So, when you are shopping for a new desk, make sure that you take all three in consideration and find the right ergonomic standing desk that will meet your specific needs.

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