Why Mesh Ergonomic Chairs Are So Popular

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Looking for a new ergonomic chair for your workspace, home office, or office spaces? The options are endless! And of the many options available, you will find that mesh chairs are among the leading picks in the market today. But why get mesh? Let’s take a look at the benefits in this blog post.

What are mesh ergonomic chairs?

Like any other type of chair, mesh chairs are designed to provide complete body support and ergonomic seating to their users. Their main distinguishing characteristic is the fabric used in their crafting, which is mesh—a net-like material that is loosely woven, creating tiny holes that give this fabric a unique quality and advantage when used as a material in ergonomic office chairs.

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Mesh chairs vs leather chairs: the benefits

When it comes to office chairs, the most common options you will find in the market are mesh chairs and leather chairs. Each type has its own set of benefits, and the breathable mesh has slowly grown in popularity over the years because of its advantages over leather.


Because of the net-like material of mesh, chairs made from this fabric have an open back that allows air to easily flow through and around you when you are seated. While leather can cause sweating when you’re in a warm working environment, you can be sure mesh will not because they allow air to move freely and circulate around you. These options are ideal for use when the weather is warm.


Easy maintenance and upkeep

Mesh ergonomic chairs are relatively durable and low maintenance, so you won’t need to spend a lot of time to keep them in top shape. For one, they dry fast because of their netlike fabric, so even if you tend to be sweaty, you can be sure any moisture will readily evaporate when you vacate. Regular maintenance will involve only regular dusting and wiping with a moist cloth. If you need to wash, just make sure not to use strong and harsh chemically laden detergents to prevent premature mesh damage.

Modern and minimalist design

A mesh comfortable chair will readily complement the overall professional vibe you want to create in your space. Compared to leather, which can be bulky and chunky, mesh has a sleek design that gives them a modern vibe and ergonomic design. The style is pretty straightforward, with most enhancements found in the adjustment features they are equipped with. So if you are creating a modern look in your workspace, go for mesh.


Lightweight and space-saving property

Apart from the minimalist design, practicality is one reason many people prefer mesh. Its minimalist and light style makes it an ideal addition to small spaces. It doesn’t eat up a lot of space. And because it’s lightweight and sleek, it can be easily moved around any space. This gives any workplace an open, flexible, and fresh vibe, which can translate to the same energy among the people occupying the same space.

Lower cost

In general, you will find that mesh office chairs are more affordable than leather, starting from roughly $200-$300 on average. They are good investments for those who are looking for ergonomic support from an office chair without having to spend a hefty amount on an expensive option.

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Frequently asked questions about mesh chairs

  • What are the best ways to keep a mesh chair in top shape?

Apart from regular dusting and wiping, as well as washing with detergent every now and then, there are things you can do to keep the mesh office chair in great shape for a long time. First, avoid eating and drinking in your workstation to avoid spills and crumbs falling into the mesh seat and possibly making their way through and underneath the mesh material. Another thing you can do is vacuum clean to remove crumbs and solid particles. And if there are stains or grease, use a strong solvent for cleaning. Find more tips in this article.

  • Apart from the material, what other features do I need to look into when buying a mesh chair?

Look into the adjustability features, from the basic padded seat height and backrest adjustment to the tilt and recline angle. Make sure the weight capacity and size match your body type correctly. Lastly, check whether you need a high-back or a low-back mesh, the difference being the presence of a headrest and neck support.

  • How long does a mesh chair typically last?

The average lifespan of a mesh office chair is five (5) years, but this depends on the way you use it and maintain it. As long as you do not overload the adjustable chair and you follow a regular upkeep schedule, you can expect it to last for a long time. When shopping for a new adjustable chair, look into the warranty as well. Most desk chairs are offered with a 1-year warranty, but you will find mesh chairs with longer warranty options.

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The MotionGrey Mesh Ergonomic Chair

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