Your Complete Guide to Ergonomic Chair Shopping

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Are you desk-bound for most of your day? You’re not alone. Prolonged sitting is apparently too common and is a big contributor to the growing sedentary lifestyle among many individuals. In fact, research shows an average person spends 12 hours daily sitting. It’s become so common it now has its own name, the sitting disease, coined as such because of the harmful effects of prolonged sitting.

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So, what’s the solution? The top solution is to stand often and move more. But if you must sit, invest in an ergonomic office chair. If you’re in Canada, you will find top ergonomic chair options that will meet both your practical and aesthetic needs. And in this post, we’ll help you find the right chair for you.

A Look at an Ergonomic Chair and Why You Need It

First, let’s take a closer look at ergonomic desk chairs and how they can help you. To understand the benefits better, you have to understand what happens to the body when you are seated.

In its usual position, your spine will have a natural S-shape. When you sit, you need to be able to maintain good posture in order to support and keep the spine in its natural form. However, prolonged sitting is not healthy to the spine because of two things.

One, the longer you sit, the higher the chances of developing bad posture—when you type on your computer while hunched, or when you slouch on your chair after several hours of sitting because you’ve gotten tired. And two, if the desk chair you’re sitting on is poorly designed, it will not support the spine properly.

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To combat the first problem, you need to break the monotony of sitting by standing up, stretching, or walking around every so often. Now when it comes to the second problem, the best way to address this is to get an ergonomically designed chair, one that will support the natural curves of your back and your entire body.

An ergonomic chair is designed with maximum adjustability, allowing it to “hug” and support your specific body type so that the spine stays in its natural position while you are seated. Now in Canada, ergonomic chairs come in different types, sizes, and even colors—shopping for the best chair can be tricky. We’ve designed this guide to help you find the right chair.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for an Ergonomic Chair in Canada

First things first—what do you need to check when looking for the best ergonomic chair? In Canada, you’ll find hundreds, even thousands, of companies offering ergonomic furniture. How do you know which is the best one? Well, it’s important to start your search by looking at your specific needs and requirements.

ergonomic leather chair

What activities will you use the chair for?

Will it be used in your home office as you do your day-to-day work? Or, will it make up your gaming station? Or maybe a bit of both?

Different uses call for different types of ergonomic chairs, or at least a versatile chair that can perform multiple functions. For instance, if you’re getting a gaming chair, you need one that will allow you more mobility, as well as one that can completely support your body and help you focus on the game. Meanwhile, if it’s an ergonomic office chair you need, then one with complete adjustability features and offers a high level of comfort is a prime choice. Choose a chair according to your need.

How much space do you have?

Space will matter in the type and size of the chair. For instance, ergonomic leather chairs typically occupy more space than mesh chairs, and they can look bulky, too—perfect for executive offices with a sufficient amount of space. However, if you have minimal cubicle space and you need a minimalist and light chair, then an ergonomic mesh chair is a good choice.

How is your working environment?

In relation to above point on checking your available space, you need to also check the condition of the space in which you will be using the chair. Consider, for instance, the temperature in your space. If you have a space that is rather warm for most of the day, then you’d want a chair that will help you cool down. Ergonomic leather chair may not be a good idea as it traps heat and can exacerbate the high temperature in your space and your discomfort.

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What is your body build?

Your body size will determine the size of your chair. Some ergonomic chairs are built for taller users with wider built while others are for average, mid-size users. To ensure your comfort and complete chair support, choose one that is right for your built. Chair customization may cause you a little bit more than usual, but a customized chair will give you years of great service without breaking down prematurely and needing replacement.

What to Look for in an Ergonomic Chair?

Now that we’ve looked into the factors you need to check when shopping for an ergonomic chair, it’s time to take a look at the features of a highly functional chair. When shopping for the best ergonomic chair in Canada, consider the following:


This covers different things:

  • Height adjustment range – the wider the range, the better
  • Headrest adjustability – some headrests are not only height adjustable but also removable, great for people who might find them an obstruction
  • Armrest adjustability – apart from height adjustment in armrest, you will also find 4D armrests that adjust horizontally for those instances when you need them out of the way

In general, the more adjustment options a chair has, the better for you. In the next point, we’ll look into a different type of adjustability—for your back.

man adjusting his chair

Lumbar Support

Perhaps one of the most important functions of any ergonomic chair, lumbar support is what will keep you well, comfortable, and healthy even when you sit for longer than usual (although remember: a good chair is never a substitute for actual, regular movement to break your sedentary habit).

When looking at lumbar support, you’d want to check the support the chair will offer your back—not just a solid surface to lean your back on but a flexible surface that will move and adjust with your back no matter what type of work you are doing. Check the range of the recline angle, how easy it is to adjust, and through what means.

Seat Support

Here we’re talking about the cushion in your chair. Most people think the softer the cushion, the better, but that is not necessarily true. While you want a cushion that’s soft and comfortable no matter how long you’re seated, you also want one that can give you a sufficient amount of support no matter what type of activity you are doing. Find the right balance.

Seat Material

When it comes to ergonomic chairs, you generally have two material options—leather and mesh. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

If you’re looking for complete support, a professional look, as well as easy maintenance, a leather chair is a good pick. However, if comfort and breathability are important to you, coupled with a minimalist look, then check out mesh chairs. In this blog post, we took a closer look at the differences and advantages of these two types of chairs.

ergonomic office chair

The Best Ergonomic Office Chairs in Canada

Now that you have an idea on the factors you need to consider before getting a new chair, as well as the ergonomic chair features you need to look into, it’s time to check ergonomic chair options for you!

Here’s a quick rundown of the chairs that are top on our list:

For a complete overview and review of these ergonomic chairs, head over to this post.

So, are you ready to shop for the best ergonomic office chair that will meet your specific work or gaming needs? Wait no more and start your shopping here! Check our catalog for chair options, and more!

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