Motion Adjustable and Multi Purpose Laptop Desk


Motion Adjustable and Multi Purpose Laptop Desk

$44.99 $99.99

Get your ultimate multi-purpose laptop desk that can transform into an amazing standing desk converter and a variety of tables. Use however you prefer – whether as a bed laptop table, a couch laptop desk, a portable writing table, a reading desk, and more. Built using top-quality aluminum and silicone, the lap desk is highly durable, ergonomic, and full of cool features. It is super lightweight with foldable legs that allow for space-savvy storage making it ultraportable. It also comes with adjustable functions that allow you to set different heights and surface angles for convenience (the silicone material acts as non-slip protection for your laptop and other devices during inclined settings). Chic with a modern design, the lap desk exudes a professional appeal perfect for a multitude of tasks.

Height Adjustable: 9.4in - 12.6 ( 24-32cm)

Angle Adjustable: 0°-36°

Size: 20.8”x11.8”x0.35”in (52cmx30cmx1cm)

Material: Aluminum Alloy, MDF, Plastic

Loading Weight: Up to 75lb (33kg)

Support: Up to 17inc Laptop

Motion Adjustable and Multi Purpose Laptop Desk


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