Once you are registered or logged in, you will be navigated to this dashboard.


In this section, you can see your affiliate information, including commission, discount code and payment email.

Commission: By default, MotionGrey affiliates earn 5% commission and can give 10% discount to customers. However, if our affiliates would like a different rate, they can discuss it with our marketing team.

  • • Within 30 days, if the customer were to use your link to make a purchase, that sale would be associated with your referral.

Discount: By default, whatever you type in First name and Last name, it will automatically create automatic coupon code on the back end.

  • • If you want a custom code, you can let our team know and we can change the default one.

Payment email: This is the email through which our affiliates can receive their earnings. If you want to change it, you can do so by clicking the edit button.


In this section, you can see your current earnings and total earnings from the purchases made using your affiliate link.

Current Earnings: before any reductions

Total Earnings: after any reductions


In this section, you can see your Discount Code (for example: RIANNA), which the user can use at checkout to redeem the discount.

You can also customize the link you want your audience to click on to use your affiliate code.

  • • Click on New Link button -> paste the URL of the specific item (for example:

    • Copy this link and promote it to your audience to use the affiliate code.

    • You can add as many links as you would like. If you do not need a link anymore, you can always delete it.

    • For each link, you can keep track of how many times each user has clicked on it and the total sales amount.

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