Electric Pallet Jack

Electric Pallet Jack


Electric Pallet Jack

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The MotionGrey electric pallet jack, also known as an electric pallet truck or electric pallet mover, features several key qualities to ensure efficient and safe material handling. With a robust load capacity suitable for common loads encountered, it ensures safe lifting and transportation through its powerful lifting motor. Maneuvering through tight spaces is a breeze, thanks to its compact design and responsive controls, offering excellent agility. Experience efficient load movement and precise control with its impressive power and performance. The high-capacity battery allows for extended operation time, while safety features such as emergency stop buttons and automatic braking systems provide enhanced security. Built to endure industrial demands, this pallet jack guarantees durability and reduced maintenance needs. User-friendly controls and accessible maintenance further contribute to its ease of use and serviceability.

Electric Pallet Jack


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Load Capacity

The MotionGrey electric pallet jack has a sufficient load capacity of 1500 KG to handle the weight of loads commonly encountered in its ordinary application. Using a powerful 0.8 KW DC Lifting Motor, it is capable of safely lifting and transporting loads without compromising stability or performance.


The MotionGrey Electric pallet jack is easy to maneuver in tight spaces, such as aisles and storage areas. With a compact design and responsive controls, it offers a small turning radius to navigate through narrow pathways and corners.

Power & Performance

The MotionGrey electric pallet jack has adequate power and performance to move loads efficiently, with speeds of 4 KM/hr when loaded and 4.5 KM/hr unladen, at grades of 5% (loaded) / 6% (unladen). Using a powerful 0.75 KW DC Driving Motor,cane to start, stop, accelerate, and decelerate smoothly, allowing for precise control during material handling tasks.

Battery Life and Charging

Be fully confident in the MotionGrey Electric jack, utilizing a state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery, to complete an entire shift of work without frequent recharging.


The MotionGrey Electric Pallet Jack is equipped with a state-of-the-art Lithium-Ion battery, fully electric, powered both in horizontal movements and vertical lifts.

  • ModelSGC15
  • Rated Load Capacity1500kg
  • Fork Length1150mm
  • Foot Inner Width650mm
  • Fork Width685mm
  • Lifting Motor Power2.2KW
  • Driving Motor Power1.0KW
  • Battery Voltage24V/80AH
  • Packing1pc/wooden pallet
  • Service Weight830kg


The MotionGrey Electric Pallet Jack comes with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty, which covers any defects in materials or workmanship. During this period, if any issues arise, the manufacturer will repair or replace the electric jack at no additional cost.

For added protection, MotionGrey offers the option of purchasing the Motion Care replacement warranty. By paying a one-time upfront fee of $500, customers can enjoy 5 years of comprehensive coverage for any damages, including accidental damage. In the event of damage, customers will receive a brand new replacement of the same model. Please note that a deductible of $1000 applies for each brand new replacement unit under this warranty.

This warranty ensures peace of mind and guarantees that your MotionGrey Electric Stacker is protected against unforeseen circumstances, providing you with reliable and worry-free operation.

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