MotionRide Portable Electric Scooter adults | 25km Range & 35km Range

MotionRide Portable Electric Scooter adults


MotionRide Portable Electric Scooter adults



Introducing MotionRide electric scooters - the epitome of urban mobility. Engineered to be the best on the market, both models deliver unmatched performance and value.

With a powerful 250W motor in the MotionRide and 350W in the MotionRide Plus, they lead the pack with a top speed of 25km/h. Three modes cater to every rider's style, ensuring versatility on every journey.

Both scooters feature a robust battery - 36V in the MotionRide and a high-capacity 10.4AH battery in the MotionRide Plus - ensuring reliability, safety, and prolonged rides. Conquer any terrain with ease, thanks to their sturdy construction, advanced suspension, and robust tires.

Quick charging in 4-7 hours maximizes your time on the road, while the sleek designs exude sophistication and style. With Bluetooth connectivity and dedicated apps, customization is at your fingertips, enhancing your overall riding experience.

Join the revolution with MotionRide and MotionRide Plus - the ultimate choices for high-performance electric scooters.

MotionRide Portable Electric Scooter adults

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Safe & Comfortable Commuting or Traveling

  • 8.5-inch honeycomb solid tires for a smooth ride on bumpy roads.
  • Stable and secure ride with reliable traction.
  • Ensures a comfortable journey for adults on various terrains.

High Capacity Power Battery

  • Features Balance Charge, Charge Protect, Low Voltage Protect, and High Temperature Protect for safety and performance.
  • Ensures reliable power delivery for extended use.
  • Provides peace of mind during charging with comprehensive protection features.


Below are details about our Motion Ride Portable Eletric Scooter

  • Weight:13kg (Basic); 14kg (Pro)
  • Packing Dimension: 110* 55* 15(cm)
  • Speed Range:25 km/h
  • Data Display:ECO, Standard, Sport
  • Nominal Voltage:36 V
  • Rated Power:746W
  • Max Load:118 kg (260lb)
  • Main Material:Steel
  • APP Connection:Bluetooth Connection


Designed with the customer in mind, installation
is simple and quick. No extra tools are necessary

  • Setup Time 5 minutes
  • Tools Required 1 Allen Key & 4 Screws

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