5 Ergonomic Investments that Pay Off

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Ergonomics has become such a key concept in today’s workplaces, and for good reason. Workplace injuries have become all too common, and we’re not referring to sudden injuries here such as falls and slips—we’re referring to injuries that develop over time caused by sitting for long periods and poor posture. These include back and shoulder or neck pain, hand and wrist problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome, as well as the long-term diseases linked to a sedentary habit.

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Whether you’re working in an office or at home during this time, you might need to start checking your working environment and creating small changes to make it more ergonomic and health-friendly. The design idea behind ergonomic spaces is to keep the body in its natural, relaxed, and healthy state—meaning proper posture and comfortable position. Now how do you achieve that? Here we’ll share some add-ons that you can try for your office.

Office Accessories to Keep Your Space Ergonomically Sound

When it comes to ergonomics in the workplace, most people automatically think of office desks and ergonomic chairs, and it is indeed smart to start with these office furniture—but there are actually more options available for you. Once you have the right desk and chair, you will be glad to know that there are accessories that can further help you achieve the right ergonomic workspace. Here are some of them:

Monitor Arms

These are a set of arms that can lift your monitor from the desk and hold them at a height and angle that works best for you. Most arms are designed for easy adjustment, and they will not only reposition the monitor but also free up space on your desk.
monitor arms
When looking for the right set of monitor arms, check the following:
  • Their compatibility with your specific monitor
  • Their ability to handle enough weight to provide sufficient support
  • Their attachment style – desk clamps are ideal
  • The cable management system built into them

Desk Converter

A converter is a convenient alternative if you are still using your old office desk and have not yet invested in a full standing desk. A desk converter is like a second table that is height adjustable and can be placed on top of the existing table in your office to give you added height, perfect for when you want to stand while working.

desk converter

A desk converter can be a simple elevated surface that can hold your laptop, but there are also converters that come with extra and appealing features such as a keyboard tray, extra grommets for your laptop cable, and enough surface to hold not only your laptop but also an extra monitor, your coffee mug, and other office supplies, much like a complete table can. It’s perfect when transitioning to a sit-stand lifestyle at work.

Ergonomic Stool

Also called a perching stool, this is a simple stool with a minimalist design that will provide extra support when you are standing while doing your work. Most stools have a versatile design and can work in different environments, giving you complete mobility and support.


This stool is another practical investment when you are just starting to add more standing time while working. It will allow you to stand longer by allowing you to get off your feet even as you stand, alleviating some pressure and pain.

Anti-Fatigue Mat

You might be wondering: how can a mat help with ergonomics? Well, the answer is simple—extra support. Prolonged sitting has its risks, but so does prolonged standing. It takes toll on the joints and muscles, and that’s when an anti-fatigue mat is helpful. It provides extra cushion, which is beneficial not only to the feet but also to your entire legs and body. It keeps you from getting tired too soon, so you can stand longer.

anti fatigue mat

Some mats in the market also come with extra features such as massage knobs and ridges, which stimulates the soles and provide comfort and stimulation to the nerves. Some more advance mats are designed to keep shifting as you stand on them, so you are continuously moving and your muscles continuously engaged. Say goodbye to your sedentary habit!

Laptop Stand

A laptop stand is a simple support for your laptop, which repositions it at an angle to help you get a better monitor angle as you work—Goodbye, glare! Goodbye, eye strain and headache! Additionally, the angle change can also be more comfortable for your hands and wrists as you type, which is helpful in preventing carpal tunnel syndrome and other similar conditions.

laptop stand

When looking for the right stand, choose one that can fully support your laptop while accommodating the different laptop accessories and connections.

Ready to build your ergonomic workstation? The good news is that you don’t need to build it overnight. You can start with a desk, or a chair, and invest in one accessory at a time. Before you know it, you’ll have a complete ergonomic workspace and more motivation to live a healthier lifestyle.

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