Top 5 Ways to Stay Healthy as You Prepare to Go Back to Normal

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It’s been over a year since most of the world went on lockdown due to the pandemic, and now we’re seeing things slowly stabilizing with the vaccine becoming more readily available to a lot more people. Most organizations have established their own work set-up, going for remote or hybrid work or some version of these arrangements. More and more people are also starting to go out and resume with at least part of their pre-pandemic routine.

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For most of us, it’s a new normal—a combination of our pre-pandemic life and new habits that we have developed over the past months while dealing with being on lockdown. If you feel you’re ready to move forward (who isn’t, anyway?) but still worried about the virus being here (and it might remain here for a while), what can you do to enjoy your new normal while staying healthy and safe?

Basic Tips to Staying Healthy in the New Normal

The good thing about health is that much of it is within our hands, and thus controllable. What we’ll share below are not new concepts but universal ones that many of us often forget. Consider the following a brush up on health lessons. 😊

Don’t forget the basics.

With all the noise surrounding the virus and the situation we’re all in, a lot of people are focused outside—the danger of going out and being exposed… When in fact, what we do inside our home can be equally risky.

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With the lockdown and the disruption in our normal activities, here are just some ‘risks’ that you might be facing now:

  • Limited movement leading to a sedentary lifestyle, with more time spent in front of the television or computer
  • Alteration in the sleeping and waking up patterns, with tendency to sleep late and wake up late, thus disrupting the body’s rhythm
  • Boredom eating, especially with the refrigerator always just a few steps away

If you’ve experienced any of the abovementioned scenarios, then you are at risk, too, even if you’re not going out. Even while facing a seemingly bigger health threat, don’t forget the small habits that determine your overall health, and make sure that you stay healthy by eating proper and nutritious diet, drinking enough amount of water, getting the right amount of sleep, and regularly exercising. These are the foundations of a healthy immune system that will help your body stay strong enough to fight any virus.

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Move, move, move!

In relation to the point mentioned above, movement is one of the most important elements of health. It keeps muscles active and engaged, strengthens the joints, and keeps blood circulation at an optimum level.

The lockdown has limited people’s movement in so many ways. We kept ourselves locked at home in fear of getting infected by the virus. Actual shopping was replaced by online shopping and home deliveries. Gyms and parks were closed, so we could not visit our usual exercise spots. And, we spent most of our time in front of our laptops as we worked remotely.

Whether you’re still working at home or slowly returning to the office, don’t forget to keep moving. Walk as much as you can, even if that means pacing from one end of your living room to another. Watch exercise videos that you can follow. Get a yoga mat so you can exercise at home anytime. And when working, try to alternate between sitting and standing so that you can get your muscles to work. These things can help you stay moving and keep your body healthy.

Be vigilant.

Treat all the people around you as if they are infected.

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This advice remains true until today, even if a lot of people are already vaccinated. Vaccine does not give 100% protection against the virus—it only minimizes the side effects. Therefore, even if your colleagues or friends are already vaccinated, make sure that you still observe proper protocols—wear a face mask and a face shield, disinfect as often as you can especially when you go outdoors, and always wash your hands with soap and water.

These will give added layer of protection not only to you but to everyone that surrounds you.

Mind your mental health.

Apart from the physical risk that the pandemic brought, the mental risk was also as dangerous. People were not scared of getting infected but also worried about their job and their family, anxious and stressed about day-to-day concerns, and lonely and depressed due to isolation. These may not be as threatening as getting infected by the virus, but they are as damaging to the person.

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So watch your mental health and check your feelings every once in a while. And if you feel you are not okay, don’t hesitate to reach out to people you trust or to professionals to seek help.

Practice self-care.

Working from home has its benefits, but it also has certain disadvantages. Multitasking becomes a necessity, including the need to balance work and family. The line between a person’s personal and professional life gets a bit blurry, and this can bring its own set of concerns.

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If you feel overwhelmed, give yourself some break to just be quiet, to relax, and to recollect yourself. If you live with your family and you have kids, this can be a challenge. Talk to your family members and let them know what you need. Remember: self-care will benefit not only you but also the people around you.

So, are you ready? We hope the tips above will help you stay healthy and happy as you start to recreate your new normal.

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