5 Tips for Setting Up an Ergonomic Workstation

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As we approach the new year, this is the best time to think about revamping your workspace and making small or big changes to create a space that will support and promote your wellbeing this 2023. Before the new year sets in, take the time to plan how best you can create an ergonomic workstation. Setting up a workstation that supports your overall physical and mental health can create a significant improvement in your quality of life, so it pays to take some time to plan. And, we’re here to help!

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Guide to Setting Up an Ergonomic Workstation

The very first thing to remember when setting up an ergonomic workstation is that it’s more than just desk setup. Most people associate an ergonomic workstation with a standing desk. But while desk setup is perhaps the biggest element in any ergonomic setup, there is in fact so much more. In this article, we’ll look into setting up an ergonomic workstation and all the other elements that make a space ergonomic and healthier.

Check out the 5 tips we have for creating your very own ergonomic workstation:

Check your space and the items you have in your space

The first question to ask is: how much space do you have? The amount of space you have will determine what equipment you can bring and what accessories you can add when setting up your ergonomic workstation. For instance, your desk setup will depend on this. If the space is small, you will be limited to a smaller desk and might need to find a way to accommodate other ergonomic accessories without eating up all the available space you have.

Apart from the available space, you must also do an inventory of all the items you already have in your space. Do you have those bulky and obsolete filing cabinets that are taking up much of the space you have? If those cabinets are occupying much of your space, it might be time to consider swapping them for a more space-efficient option when you set up your ergonomic workstation.

No matter how limited your space, you have options to achieve the best results when setting up and revamping your workstation. And in the latter part of this article, we’ll share some organization options to help you maximize the space you have.

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Invest in the right ergonomic equipment

As we’ve said earlier on, desk setup is the foundation of every ergonomic workstation. This means when you are thinking about revamping your space, the first equipment you must check is the desk. If you still have a traditional fixed desk, consider replacing it with a standing desk, a height-adjustable desk that will make your workstation more versatile and healthier, encouraging movement throughout the day. The size of a standing desk ranges from small and medium to large, so you have options according to the available space that you have. Setting up is also easy and can be done with zero to minimal technical skills required, so it should not be a problem.

Next to the standing desk setup, consider your office chair. How much support does it provide? Is the chair cushion still in top shape? Are the adjustability features still working fine? If it’s time to replace your chair, you have options between mesh and leather. Choose the one that matches your space, your office environment, and the look you want to create in your ergonomic workstation.

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Add ergonomic accessories

Next to the right desk setup and a high-quality chair, also consider investing in ergonomic accessories. An ergonomic keyboard and mouse will help care for your hands and fingers as you type away for hours. They can prevent risks of carpal tunnel syndrome and prevent unnecessary pains.

After upgrading your desk setup with a standing desk, you might also want to consider adding an anti-fatigue mat. This will help make standing so much easier, protecting your leg muscles and joints from overexertion as you stand for hours and shift weight between your feet. The right anti-fatigue mat can help make the shift from sitting to standing more comfortable for you.

Another accessory you might want to add when setting up an ergonomic workstation is a set of monitor arms. These are especially helpful if you have a smaller standing desk and you have multiple monitors that the desk might not be able to accommodate. The monitor arms will lift the monitors above the desk, repositioning them to free up your space. Adjusting the monitor height and angle is also much easier with monitor arms. Consider a dual arms for dual monitors, or a single arm in case you only need to elevate one monitor.

Organize your space well for comfort and safety

As you add more equipment and accessories to your ergonomic workstation, together with all the work materials that you will need daily, it’s important to check and plan where each equipment and accessory must go. When setting up and revamping your space, consider creating a place that you will love, one free of clutter and visual distractions.

One of the first things to check when setting up workstation are your cables—find a way to secure them and keep them from littering your space. Cable ties, sleeves, and trays can help contain them safely so that they don’t cause any hazard and danger.

Also consider storage for files and other loose items when setting up your ergonomic workstation. If you have limited space, consider investing in vertical filing cabinets, those that are high but not wide. They help conserve space and tidy up your desk, removing any unnecessary items that might cause clutter.

It’s also important to note the importance of decluttering. Before the new year, take some time to check if there are items in your workstation that you no longer need. It might be time to dispose them or recycle them. This will give your workstation a breathing space so you welcome the new year lighter and brighter.

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Pay attention to lighting and ventilation

While an ergonomic workstation primarily pertains to the physical arrangement of the space—the desk setup and the positioning of all the equipment and materials in your workstation, there are other elements at play, such as lighting and ventilation.

When setting up an ergonomic workstation, make sure that you have enough lighting not only to ensure that you will see everything clearly but also to maintain high energy in your space. If at all possible, use natural light from glass windows. Or, set up task light to help you. Position your workstation relative to the light source in such a way that there won’t be any glare to distract you.

In addition, ensure that the ventilation and temperature in your space are conducive for work. This means it shouldn’t be too hot or too cold, or you will likely have a hard time focusing on whatever you need to do. You may also wish to add plants in your space to improve both the ambiance and air quality. All of these elements will add to creating an ergonomic workstation that will support your health and wellbeing.

Setting up an ergonomic workstation may seem daunting in the beginning, but it’s not impossible. Take it one step at a time, looking at one element after another, and then doing it at your own pace to ensure that you will achieve your goal in no time. We hope the tips above will help you get started on your way to a healthier 2024 with an ergonomic workstation in place.

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