5 Ways to Enjoy a Healthy Summer

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Summer is almost here—who’s excited?!

As the season of spring approaches an end, most are excited to welcome this new season of vibrance and adventure. It’s time to plan those summer parties and create those travel itineraries with your families and friends. But, before you get all too excited about your summer plans, make sure you don’t overlook something very important—staying healthy amid all the heat and the energy of the season.


Take advantage of this time to work on your health goals, and make sure to help your body adapt to this new season by being watchful of your habits.

Things You Can Do to Stay Healthy This Summer

Let’s start with 5 basic health tips specific for this season:



Last year’s summer saw an extreme and deadly heat wave, one responsible for over 3,000 deaths. And while you may not be particularly susceptible to the effects of extreme heat, the first rule during this season is always to hydrate.

Always have a bottle of water with you, especially if you are outdoors. Drink the minimum 8 glasses a day, and increase your intake as heat intensifies during summer, especially if you're doing physical activities. 

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Enjoy Fresh and Natural Air

With proper caution and care, you can make the most of this season by enjoying the summer air. It’s time to open those windows and let your room breathe, let natural light in and give your room a new energy.

The outdoors and open air also have a way of lifting up your mood, so go out there and have fun!


Exercise Outside

We know you have your gym membership, but you may want to give your exercise routine some variety by doing it outdoors. Find a running track or a park and schedule a regular run outside. One good thing about outdoor exercise is that it offers you lots of options apart from running—you can try biking, you can swim, or you can even go on a hike with family or friends.

Outside, you can do one activity and put a check on various benefits—achieving a healthy body and mind, bonding with loved ones, and even finding new passions to pursue.


Find Outdoor Home Activities to Enjoy

One of our previous posts talked about the science of Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT), which is the energy the body consumes when doing daily activities outside of exercise. Apart from exercising, maximize the benefits of movement by finding activities outside your home that you can enjoy.

Try gardening. Grow flowers or vegetables (whether in a garden or in pots) and, without you realizing it, you’re giving your body its much-needed activity and movement that will help you stay healthy. Even general cleaning and working around the house can help you achieve this—just find a physical activity in your home that needs doing and start working on it.


Watch Your Sleep

The season of summer can be a season of no sleep-all fun for many people, but know that this will take a toll on your health later on. Even with the longer days and the rush of activities you get yourself into during this time, try to maintain your usual sleep schedule. You will not only benefit from being healthy but you will also have more energy to actually enjoy all the activities you have plotted in your calendar.

Preceding Spring, Summer is a time of adventure, and it is also a time to boost your body and boost your health. With the right planning, you can incorporate movement into all your summer activities for a happier, more fulfilling season. Happy summer!

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