National Creativity Day

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It’s a special day as we celebrate National Creativity Day, a day of inspiration, energy, and joy. Creativity is a key element to a fulfilling life, a path that allows us to use and engage all our senses and to explore possibilities. And it is not limited to the ‘creative’ arts. The truth is that creativity can spring up even in the most mundane, unexpected of days.


But wouldn’t it be great if we can keep creativity flowing in our days? A constant flow of creativity may not seem possible, but a healthy and steady dose will definitely make life more interesting and satisfying.

How to Boost Your Creativity

So how do we invite creativity into our day-to-day life? There is no magic formula to keeping a constant flow of creative juices in our life, and sometimes it can feel elusive, but there are things we can do to keep creativity within reach.


Distraction and busyness can keep creativity at bay. The stream of urgencies we deal with everyday can leave little space for imagination and creative thinking. Sure, there are people who thrive in chaos, but majority of us need the space that only quiet and calm can give to be able to look at and consider ideas in new ways or to examine thoughts enough until we arrive at a different perspective.

take a break

This can only happen with pause, so find time to take a break from the busyness of your day. Take a walk at lunch, or sit in the park and watch the world go by. With your mind free from the thoughts that consume your typical day, it’s easy to invite new ideas and new ways of seeing things.


Feed your soul with what makes you happy.

Take time for your hobbies, interests, and passions. Paint, draw, do a photo walk, or write poetry. A happy heart creates an open, accepting mind, so it’s easier to entertain new ideas and ways of doing things. In the process, you also open yourself to new discoveries.

Find your flow.

The more you find your flow, the more creative you can be and the higher your likelihood of joy. Flow is inspiration. Flow is getting lost in an activity, diving into it so deep you become oblivious to the passing of time and the things happening around. It’s doing something and being so focused on it that you just realized an hour or two has passed without you noticing it because you’ve been so engaged and engrossed in the activity you are doing.


It is in a state of flow when one has the most potential to be creative, so it’s important that you find your flow. And when you’ve found it, create situations where you can be in it.

Do something a different way.

There’s this scene in the movie ‘Dead Poets Society’ where Professor Keating invited each student to stand up on his desk so they can see the room from a different angle.


If you’ve been doing something one way, try and do it another way. If you’ve been looking at something from one angle, try and look at it from another angle. Because any state of newness invites a different way of thinking, and thus invite creativity.


Keep learning.

Fill your mind with new things. Keep the ideas in your head moving. Learning will help you continue looking at things in a new way, reinventing old thoughts into fresh ideas until you are able to create something new out of them.

Creativity is food for the mind and the soul. After all, human beings are built for thinking, creating, and discovery. Here’s to hoping your day be filled with creativity, inspiration, and passion. Cheers!

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