A Closer Look at the Progressive Desks: What Works and What Doesn’t

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Are you ready to increase the amount of movement you do in a day and break free from your sedentary habits? Are you ready for a standing desk? Let’s take a look at the options you have, what their features are, and see whether they’re worth your hard-earned money. If you’ve read some of our more recent blog posts, you may have come across reviews of a few leading standing desks, written to take a closer look at the options available and help users select the right one. In this post, we’re looking at the features of Progressive desks to see the good, the bad, and those in between.

Progressive Desks: An Overview

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Progressive desks are offered in a wide array of styles, from models in the lower end (the smaller Mini Ryzer and the single-motor Economy Ryzer) to models in the higher end (the dual-motor Solo Ryzer and the L-shaped Corner Ryzer). They are offered in different colors and styles and are equipped with sufficient tech features.

Now, let’s take a look at the Solo Ryzer and check its core features.

Progressive Solo Ryzer: What Works

The dual-motor desk, Solo Ryzer, is one of the most popular Progressive desks. The dual motor combines with a three-segment frame, giving the desk a solid foundation.

Upon closer look, we find two things that work relatively well for the Solo Ryzer. Like all Progressive desks, the table top it comes with is offered in as many as 11 different colors. If you’re looking to update the look of your workspace, you have a lot of tabletop options to choose from—you can pick one that matches your space well. Another thing going on for the Solo Ryzer is its expansive warranty coverage of 15 years.

Progressive Solo Ryzer: What Doesn’t Work

Many of the features of this Progressive desk are comparable to the features of most standing desks in Canada—the dual motors, the three-segment frame, the height range, and the load capacity.

If there are features we found might not work for some users, these would be the travel speed of the desk and its operating noise, both of whom are factors that affect user comfort in the day-to-day operation of this ergonomic standing desk. The travel speed is at 1.57” per second—not the fastest. The operating noise is rated at 50dB, definitely not the quietest. These may seem small matters among some users, but there are users who consider these important, especially those who require a smooth daily experience in their work.

The Solo Ryzer is also one of the higher-priced models among the Progressive desks, offered at $750. Although it isn’t as pricey as other standing desks in Canada, it’s not among the most affordable either. You can find equivalent desks, or better, that range around the $500 mark.


Progressive Solo Ryzer: The Verdict

If you take a closer look at the desk’s features, you’ll find these are fairly average, able to meet your day-to-day needs. And if warranty is important to you, then you will love the 15-year coverage that the Progressive desks come with. However, don’t forget to balance that against the price of the Solo Ryzer. There are standing desks in Canada that are offered with shorter warranty, but they come in more reasonable rates and comparable features (or better). So, decide which is important for you, and make the decision based on that.

If you’re looking for more options, browse some more HERE before you make the decision to purchase. Good luck, and we hope you find the right desk!

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