Desky Desk Review: The Pros and Cons

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Are you in the market looking for ergonomic solutions for your workplace? If you’re planning to get an ergonomic standing desk to replace your old fixed desk, and if one of the sit-stand desk options you’re considering is Desky desk, then we hope this review of the said desk will help you decide whether it’s the right one for you. One of the popular brands of standing desks in Canada, Desky offers several models you can choose from.

When it comes to a shift in your workplace lifestyle, it’s important that you start right to make the habit building easy and sustainable. And if that lifestyle shift is one that involves adding more movement to your day by standing more and sitting less, then one of the keys to your success is the use of the right standing desk. Canada companies will offer you an unlimited number of options—you just need to find the one that is customized to you and to your workplace.

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An Overview of the Desky Desk

Like MotionGrey, Desky offers a wide array of ergonomic solutions that range from standing desks to chairs and accessories. For its standing desks, it offers both electric standing desks and manual standing desks, including smaller desks designed to fit limited spaces. For its electric standing desks, it offers single- and dual-motor desks for different users.

For this specific review, we’re looking at the standard dual-motor standing desk: the Desky Dual Mini Sit Stand Desk.

The Pros of the Desky Desk

Looking at the basic features, it’s easy to see that the features of the brand are comparable to many of the features of most standing desks in Canada. Desky offers this desk with a combination of a dual motor and a three-segment frame, a combination that proves to be working for it.

Among the things that users will like about this desk is the combination of a powerful load-carrying capacity and a faster travel speed. This desk has a weight capacity of 308.6 lbs, one of the higher load capacities you’ll find among standing desks in Canada. Desky also excels in terms of travel speed at 1.4” per second. In addition to these, the operating noise of this desk is also fairly decent, comparable to that of the MotionGrey standing desk at 40dB.

The Cons of the Desky Desk

Now, while the Desky desk has some pretty great qualities, there are areas in which users may want more or better. One area is in the choice of tabletop. For the standard Desky Dual Mini Sit Stand Desk, you have limited options between black and white. Although, there is an option to upgrade to hardwood at an additional cost of approximately $500. And if you’re looking for a more sustainable and eco-friendly option, you may need to look elsewhere.

The price of the Desky desk is another area in which users may feel the need to find better options. Among ergonomic furniture providers in Canada, Desky appears to be on the higher-mid range in terms of affordability. Its Desky Dual Mini Sit Stand Desk comes at almost $800, with a limited 10-year warranty for the frame and 5 years for the desktop.

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So, is the Desky Desk for You?

That will depend on your specific needs and priorities. If you have heavy equipment that you need the desk to handle, then its high weight capacity will be helpful. And if you value the speed and the noise (or lack thereof) of the desk while working, Desky will deliver, too.

But if you’re looking for a cheaper option with relatively sufficient features, or a table top that can give your workspace character (whether to represent your interesting edge and style or to showcase your affinity for the planet), then maybe there is a better option for you other than the standing desk from Desky. Canada offers a whole lot of other desks you can choose from.

If you browse our catalog, you’ll find a complete selection of ergonomic standing desks, all of which are designed with the highest quality and offered at reasonable rates. Browse the options available to help you find the right desk. 

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